3rd International Symposium: Management of Animal Carcasses, Tissue, & Related Byproducts: Connecting Research, Regulations, and Response


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For more information contact:
Mark Hutchinson, Associate Extension Professor, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, markh@umext.maine.edu or 207-832-0343
Jean Bonhotal, Compost Specialist, Cornell Waste Management, jb29@cornell.edu or 607-255-8444

Topics Related to Carcass Management Webinar Series

Management of routine and catastrophic mortality in the livestock industry has become more challenging with bans, changing markets and environmental concern. This series will address a few of the challenges faced on a daily basis by farmers and Vets.  Penn State University, University of Maine Cooperative Extension and Cornell Waste Management Institute are hosting this series of webinars on Carcass Management. . Seminars are sponsored in part by NE Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program. Webinars will be archived for future use in teaching; contact Mark Hutchinson Markh@umext.maine.edu for links.

October 8th:  Management of Poultry Carcasses   
10:30 – noon EST 
Hosted by: Craig Williams -  Penn State Cooperative Extension

Presentation 1:
ortality Composting Issues for Poultry Farms
Greg Martin DVM: Penn State University
Presentation 2
Virginia’s Response to Zoonotic Disease Outbreaks in
Poultry Flocks
Gary Flory: Virginia Department of Environmental

November 12th: Overview of Carcass Management Policies
10:30 – noon EST     Developing Risk Communication Skills
Hosted by: Mark Hutchinson - University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Presentation 1
Overview of National and International Policies
Related to Carcass Management
Dr. Dale Rozeboom: Michigan State University
Presentation 2
Developing Risk Communication Skills

Don Klingborg, DVM:  University of California Davis

      December 10th: Management of Livestock Carcasses
      10:30 – noon EST
      Hosted by: Jean Bonhotal - Cornell Waste Management

10:30 - 10:50:
Dealing with Unwanted or Neglected Horses in Difficult Economic Times

Dr. Ann Swinker - Penn State University Cooperative Extension

           10:50 - 11:30
           Leachate Potential:  A Comparison between Carcass Compost and Carcass Burial
           Dr. Thomas Glanville - Iowa State University

           11:30 - Noon  Geochemical Implications of Mortality Burial
           Dyan Pratt - University of Saskatchewan


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