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Grower Services - Degree Days

Year 2014 Growing Degree Days (GDD) (using a base temperature of 50°F):

Target Numbers:
Cranberry Tipworm eggs first appearing: ~225 GDD (but crop stage is a more accurate predictor, I feel; eggs generally appear as soon as tiny new shoots begin to arise from the runners, and are deposited almost exclusively on the tips of the new shoots). Black-headed Fireworm larvae first hatching: ~252 GDD (The target number for these two pests is an average from the years 2007 – 2013).

Updates through June 3rd, 2014:

  • Lewiston-Auburn: 184 GDD
  • Bangor: 188 GDD
  • Bar Harbor: 99 GDD
  • Cherryfield: 177 GDD (Tipworm eggs found in Columbia Falls!) (New shoots were present along bed edges, and it’s on those tips where the eggs were found)
  • Deblois: 188 GDD
  • East Machias: 139 GDD
  • Houlton: 137 GDD

2014 Results: Cranberry tipworm eggs first found (June 3rd, 177 GDD); Blackheaded fireworm larvae first found (May 19th, only 119 GDD — way less than the target of 252)

Cranberry questions? Contact Charles Armstrong, Cranberry Professional. University of Maine Cooperative Extension || Pest Management Office || 491 College Avenue || Orono, ME 04473-1295 || Tel: 207.581.2967 [email:]


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