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Strawberry Harvest Season Underway in Southern Maine

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basket of strawberries

Strawberry Harvest; photo by David Handley

Most southern Maine strawberry fields will open in earnest this week, and it appears that we’ll have a stretch of nice weather for it (at last). The crop size and quality looks fair to good in most fields. The open winter, spring frosts, and prolonged rains have all taken their toll; such that many fields look good but lack “depth” as one grower recently put it, meaning that the season could be fairly short this year, especially for fancy quality fruit. Predicted warm weather will also hasten ripening, so if you’re a grower and haven’t started advertising yet, don’t wait. Most fields are past the point where clipper or tarnished plant bug could cause injury, and scouting should focus on pests that attack ripe fruit, such as sap beetles, slugs, birds, and anthracnose fruit rot. Read more>>


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