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Press Herald Interviews Handley, Kirby on Garden Insects

Monday, June 24th, 2013

The Portland Press Herald spoke with David Handley, a vegetable and small-fruit specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Monmouth, and Clay Kirby, an insect diagnostician with the UMaine Cooperative Extension in Orono, about bugs in the garden. The pair spoke about this season’s likely pests.

Extension Specialist Dill Advises on White Grub Treatment

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Lawn-killing white grubs are being reported in outbreaks in Old Town, Orono and surrounding communities, and now is the time to take preventative measures for the summer and even next year, says Jim Dill, University of Maine Cooperative Extension pest management specialist and professor of biological sciences.

Dill is available at (207) 581-3879 to discuss various lawn treatment options, including which pesticides property owners have available to them and when lawns and gardens should be treated for best results.

“The situation is that a lot of places got clobbered this year in the Old Town and Orono area,” Dill says, who adds that his College Avenue office receives an average of four calls a day from people looking for advice. “Now is the time you ought to be deciding what to do for the summer.”