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Pesticide Safety Education Program - Certification Manual Prices

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Manuals indicated by asterisks are available as free PDF e-mail attachments. Specify your request via e-mail.

Requests for printed manuals should include a note listing the manuals you wish to purchase and a check or money order for the proper amount made out to Cooperative Extension.

Note: Agricultural Basic license exam candidates need only purchase the Core manual.

Mail to:

University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Pest Management Office
491 College Ave.
Orono, ME 04473-1295

Private Categories
*Core Manual 15.00*
Blueberry 8.00
Forage (silage corn) 32.00
Forestry (Christmas trees) 35.00
*Greenhouse 9.00*
Nursery 20.00
*Orchard Fruit 8.00
Potato 10.00
Small Fruit 11.00
*Turf 15.00*
Vegetable 8.00
Pesticide Applicator Logbooks 3.00

Commercial Categories
*Core Manual 15.00*
*1A Agricultural Animal 6.50*
*1B Agricultural Plant 12.00*
Option I – Limited Commercial Blueberry 8.00
Option II – Chemigation call
Option III – Agricultural Fumigation call
Option IV – Post-Harvest Treatment call
2 Forest Pest Management 21.00
*2-Supplement – Maine Forest Pest Management no charge*
3A Outdoor Ornamentals 20.00
*3B Turf 15.00*
3C Indoor Ornamentals 8.00
4 Seed Treatment 10.00
5A Aquatic Pest Control 6.00
*5B Sewer Root Control 6.00*
*6A Rights of Way Vegetation Mgt 10.00*
*6B Industrial/Commercial/Municipal Vegetation Mgt 10.00*
7A Structural General Pest Control
(7B Structural Food Processing Included)
*7C Disinfectant, Biocides & Mold Remediation 12.00*
7D Wood Preserving – 4 options:  
Option I – Pressure Treatment 4.50
Option II – Sapstain/Blue Stain Treatment 4.50
Option III – Remedial Treatment 4.50
Option IV – General Wood Treatment 4.50
*7E Biting Fly & Other Arthropod Vectors 4.00*
7F Termite Pests 4.00*
*8A Public Health, Biting Fly, Arthropod Vectors 10.00*
*8B Public Health, Other 10.00*
9 Regulatory Pest Control no charge*
10 Demonstration & Research Pest Control 21.00
11 Aerial Pest Control 27.00
*Pesticide Dealer 15.00
Pesticide Applicator Logbooks 3.00

More information about Private Commodities.

More information about Commercial Categories.

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