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APPLE Pest Management - Maine Climate Data

Average temperature and precipitation by month

Maine Freeze-Frost Dates Table (PDF)

For spring, there is a 90%, 50%, or 10% chance of having the temperature occur after the indicated date.  For fall, there is a 10%, 50%, or 90% chance of having the temperature occur before the indicated date.  For the Freeze Free periods, there is 10%, 50% or 90% chance of having a freeze free period longer than the number of days indicated.  Probability level in the far right column is the percent of days throughout the year with low temperature at or below 36, 32, or 28 degrees F.

This table is based on temperature records from 1971-2000. Every year is different, just because there is a low probability of a specified low temperature overall, this could be the year when a new record is set for early or late frost. Also, be cautious in relating these (primarily) airport sites to your particular location. For example, the dates based on the Augusta airport station may be misleading because that station is on a hill where cold air drains away. The Gardiner dates may be more generally applicable for the Augusta area. This table does not replace local knowledge.

Spring 28F freeze date chart for Augusta – Lewiston area
Spring 32F freeze date chart for Augusta – Lewiston area

Fall 28F freeze date chart for Augusta – Lewiston area
Fall 32F freeze date chart for Augusta – Lewiston area

Maine Plant Hardiness Zone Map and Tables

Highmoor Farm Climatic Averages — Highmoor is the University of Maine Agricultural Experiment Station farm for research and Extension on tree fruits, vegetables, strawberries and other crops. It is located between Augusta and Lewiston.

Average temperature chart
Average heating degree days chart

Sunrise/morning twilight time
Sunset/evening twilight time
Day length chart

Climate change

Maine Climate News
Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment
— 2007 report
Indicators of Climate Change in the Northeast 2005 (PDF)

Other links of interest

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Fall foliage
Peak fall foliage average dates by Weather Channel
Fall foliage updates by Maine Department of Conservation

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