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APPLE Pest Management - AgRadar

      Weather-based models help growers identify key management dates to get better results with less time and expense.
♣ =  Primary apple orchard sites with on-farm observations to set model biofix dates.  Biofixes for other sites based on estimates from nearby orchards.
*** MAINE *** MASSACHUSETTS                  
     (Highmoor Farm Ag Res Sta.)
     (UMass Hort. Res. Farm)
♣ ME-Sanford (Springvale)  MA-Easthampton
 ME-Limerick   MA-Groton
starting soon   ME-Appleton  MA-Phillipston
starting soon ME-Cherryfield (Columbia)  MA-Stow
starting soon ME-Deblois   MA-Sutton
starting soon ME-Dresden Mills  *** NEW HAMPSHIRE  
starting soon ME-East Machias
starting soon ME-North Ellsworth (Branch Lake)
starting soon ME-Presque Isle  RI-Greenville
starting soon ME-Searsport (north Belfast)  RI-Middletown
starting soon ME-Sedgewick (near Frost Pond) *** VERMONT
starting soon ME-Waltham  VT-South Burlington
     (UVM Hort Res. Center)
starting soon ME-West Rockport (5 mi. SW Camden)
starting soon ME-New Site #15  NB-Fredericton
starting soon ME-New Site #16        *** NEW YORK
  Private research site 1
 starting soon ME-New Site #17   Private research site 2
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