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Spring Preconditioned Feeder Calf Sale Protocol

Beef Production Information

Beef Cow and Calf

Beef Health Information

Pasture and Crops for Beef Production

woman with red angus cows in a pasture; photo by Edwin remsberg, USDA

4-H Youth Program Information

Buildings and Equipment for Beef

  • Beef Housing and Equipment Handbook, Bulletin #1001, Mid West Plan Service, University of Maine Cooperative Extension: Information on cow-calf, cattle handling, and cattle feeding facilities; feed storage, processing and handling; water and waterers; manure management; farmstead planning, building construction, materials, ventilation and insulation; fences; gates and utilities. 133 pages with index, 1986. $15
  • Dr. Temple Grandin’s website, Livestock Behavior, Design of Facilities, and Humane Slaughter

Farm Taxes & Recordkeeping


USDA Marketing News and Standards

Beef Quality Assurance

  • Beef Quality Assurance, Beef Quality Assurance is a national program that provides guidelines for beef cattle production. The program raises consumer confidence through offering proper management techniques and a commitment to quality within every segment of the beef industry. There are links to video training on BQA at this site.
  • Pennsylvania Beef Quality Assurance

Maine Beef  Related Organizations

Extension Beef Contact Person:, 207.564.3301 or in Maine 1.800.287.1491