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Welcome to Applied Poultry Science Training: Phase II

A specially designed professional development project in Applied Poultry Science for agricultural service providers of New England, 2014-2016

young turkeys

The Applied Poultry Science Training: Phase II project is open to personnel working in New England in Extension, USDA agencies, State agriculture agencies, non-government organizations, and private companies.

This NESARE-funded project will include annual field sessions (the first training session is October 22, 23, 24, 2014 in Freeport, Maine; Wednesday noon until Friday noon), a series of 60-minute webinars offered monthly from November through March, and the development of resources and tools to use with farmers. The ultimate focus of the project is for participants to be better equipped in planning and presenting effective programming for farmers with poultry enterprises as a part of their overall farming operation. It is estimated that participant time commitment for the training and self-study will take about 40 hours per year.

Travel expenses to field sessions and project materials will be covered by the project. The only cost to participants will be time, thought, and energy related to their involvement.

By the end of this project, participants will be better equipped to advise farmers on their poultry-related issues. Participants are expected to actively take part and provide regular feedback regarding their related work with farmers over the life of the project.

For more information, contact Richard Brzozowski, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, 75 Clearwater Drive, Suite 104, Falmouth, ME 04105, or 207-781-6099.

Northeast SARE: Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education

the 2010 Applied Poultry Science Training Session is scheduled for to be held Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, October 20-22, 2010