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Welcome to Applied Poultry Science Training

A professional development opportunity in Applied Poultry Science for agricultural service providers of New England.

young turkeysGain practical knowledge and skills in applied poultry science to confidently design and present educational programs to assist the owners of small scale poultry enterprises (traditionally reared, organic, free-range, and pastured poultry), and assess the local economic impacts of these businesses.

Led by a team of poultry experts, participants will gain knowledge and skills in

  • basic poultry science in egg and meat production;
  • alternative feeds;
  • breed selection;
  • biosecurity;
  • processing;
  • regulations;
  • marketing;
  • pests;
  • business planning;
  • economics;
  • and more!

The following agricultural service providers from around New England are actively participating in this three-year professional development project funded by Northeast SARE. The team is comprised of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, extension educators, livestock specialists, USDA loan officers, feed specialists and farm advisors. List of project participants

Each participant is expected to assist local farmers (or individuals planning to farm) with establishing, expanding or adapting small scale poultry enterprises in their respective state.  These enterprises may range from 25 to 10,000 birds and may involve the production of eggs, meat, feathers or other poultry-related products.  Poultry enterprises involving the sale of live birds such as hatcheries and pullet production could also be included.

If you are interested in participating as a producer and receiving input for a poultry-related enterprise, feel free to contact any of the individuals from your state.

Letter to invite farmer participation: Send this letter, approved for our use by Northeast SARE, to prospective farmers to invite their participation: Word | PDF. (Use the Word version if you would like to place your contact information in the appropriate box for your specific use.)

The first Applied Poultry Science Training Session took place on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, October 20-22, 2010.

Participants Warren Burrows (CT) and Stuart Hall (VT) dissect a chicken during the training

Participants Warren Burrows (CT) and Stuart Hall (VT) dissect a chicken during the training

For more information, contact Richard Brzozowski, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, 75 Clearwater Drive, Suite 104, Falmouth, ME 04105, or 207-781-6099.

the 2010 Applied Poultry Science Training Session is scheduled for to be held Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, October 20-22, 2010