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Money $ense Newsletter - Smart Shopping

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Woman reads the label on a food item in a grocery storeTips from Money $ense, a free newsletter for individuals and families
Spring 2008 (Vol 5, Issue 2)

  • Always use a shopping list. Planning your menus in advance will make it easy to create a list.
  • Try to shop when you are not hungry. This will help you avoid unplanned purchases.
  • Compare national brand sale prices with store brands. Both are often on sale at the same time.
  • Compare the cost of convenience foods with the same foods made from scratch. Oftentimes, convenience foods cost more than similar foods prepared at home.
  • Compare fresh, frozen, and canned foods to see which is cheapest.
  • Buy foods you like when they are on sale and in season.
  • Buy products when they are on sale for later use.

If you have suggestions for article topics or have specific questions, please e-mail Jane Conroy, Extension Educator.

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