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Cooperative Extension: 4-H

4-H Volunteer Connections: Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Programs (virtual)

This interactive workshop aims to increase fluency with LGBTQ+ inclusive concepts and terminology, while connecting you with practices and approaches for creating affirming and supportive spaces for youth of all genders and sexual identities. Register today and join volunteers from across the North East Region via Zoom to network, learn, and grow your 4-H program! […]


4-H Volunteer Connections: Be a Positive Communicator (virtual)

Learn how you can use positive communication strategies to manage difficult situations or conflicts with others. We’ll explore constructive responses and conciliatory gestures and how they can be used to de-escalate conflicts and lead down a path of positive relationship building and understanding.  Register today and join volunteers from across the North East Region via […]


Total Eclipse Prep Party for 4-H Volunteers

Lafayette and Rawcliffe 4-H Science and Engineering Learning Center 491 College Ave, ORONO, ME, United States

On April 8, 2024, parts of Maine will experience a total solar eclipse- and this won’t happen for another 20 years! A total solar eclipse happens when the moon lies exactly between the sun and the Earth, casting its shadow on a small patch of the Earth’s surface. Does the idea of a total solar eclipse […]


4-H Volunteer Connections: Finding Space for Mental Wellness in Every Program (virtual)

Join the discussion on best practices in ensuring safety and belonging for all members. We’ll explore the 4-H Healthy Living Mental Wellness program, with a snapshot of our current youth needs, programmatic offerings, resources, and strategies to support mental wellness in any program. Register today and join volunteers from across the North East Region via […]


Start Your 4-H Volunteer Journey (virtual)

Thinking about becoming a 4-H volunteer? We are looking for people to help youth find their spark and thrive! We offer lots of ways to be involved depending on your time and interests. Join us for two one-hour virtual sessions to help you with your decision. By the end of the two-part series, you will have […]


4-H Tidepool Immersion Discovery + Ecology Workshop Series


Explore the intertidal zone and help with marine science research! In this workshop, we will learn about animals you might find during low tide and use some amazing equipment to take awesome pictures on your phone to identify them. Along the way, we’ll learn about invasive species, climate change, species identification, and how you can […]

4-H Volunteer Connections: Animal Science- Strong Relationships & Sportsmanship (virtual)

Clubs are one of the many ways 4-H creates environments and experiences to help youth thrive. Explore the qualities of strong 4-H Clubs, share your success, learn from other volunteers and leave with resources to support you in developing or strengthening your 4-H club. Positive relationships are fundamental to 4-H programs and experiences. Animal Science […]


4-H Solar Eclipse Wrap-Up Extravaganza


Solar Eclipse Coming to Maine! On April 8th, 2024 Maine will experience a full solar eclipse. Although this is a once in a lifetime event for us folks in Maine, there is no way we all experienced the same thing. Join 4-Hers from all over the state to share stories, observations, and experiences from the 2024 eclipse. […]