4-Hers working on a bridge-building activityThis record is appropriate to use with 4-H members that have previously completed the Intermediate record for at least one year, have demonstrated themselves to be proficient or distinguished in most of the Intermediate Record level, and are at least 12 years old. The hope is that by completing the Intermediate record, the 4-H member has built those skills and has become confident to challenge themselves with the Advanced Record.

If you are unsure which record would be best for you or your 4-H-er, contact your local UMaine Extension 4-H County Office.

  • Advanced 4-H Project Record: A How-To Guide: PDF | Word
  • Advanced Interactive Project Record Sheet: PDF | Word
  • Supplemental Pages
    • Sections 1-4
    • Section 1: Goals and Planning for my Project
    • Section 2: My 4-H Project Activities
    • Section 2: My 4-H Activities Continued
    • Section 3: Expenses and Income/Value
    • Section 4: Reflecting on your Project
    • Section 4: Reflecting on your Project Continued
    • Section 5: Community Service, Citizenship & Leadership Activities
    • Life Skills Comparison
  • Advanced Interactive 4-H Project Record Feedback Form: PDF | Word
  • Advanced Interactive Score Sheet: PDF | Word
  • Advanced Record Sheet Checklist: PDF | Word
  • Advanced Video Tutorial: coming soon!