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4-H Projects - Science, Engineering & Technology

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In Maine, 4-Hers participate in animal sciences, robotics, environmental science and energy, GIS/GPS, and digital media.

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Animal Sciences Maine 4-H has a vibrant animal science program that is supported by over 60 4-H volunteers. We offer educational opportunities and hands-on learning about beef, sheep, dairy livestock, goats, dogs, horses, poultry, and working steers. See our new 4-H Egg Business Project!

Citizen Science Opportunities Citizen science opportunities are ways to promote science learning through participation in gathering data, making observations and contributions to research.  Citizen science projects encourage youth and volunteers to gather specific types of data and report the data to scientists.  Introductory training is typically provided so no prior experience is needed.  Participation contributes to education and science literacy for the public and allows scientists access to unique data collection. Learn more about citizen science projects connected with UMaine Extension 4-H.

Environmental Science and Energy — Maine 4-H offers experiential learning about the environment through outdoor education activities, camp and learning centers, and science experiments. Programs include water conservation, wind power, phenology, and more!

volunteers work with 4-Hers on wind power project; photo by Edwin Remsberg, USDAPower of the Wind — The University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H Power of Wind program uses wind power to teach youth concepts in science, engineering, and technology.

Technology and Engineering Maine 4-H gives youth the opportunity to use technology in applied science. We have an established GIS/GPS program that includes access to GPS technology and introductory mapping. Youth can learn about digital media and how to apply it to community development. Robotics is a growing project area that builds math and engineering skills and gives kids the opportunity to look into the future.

Contact your local UMaine Extension county office to learn more about the opportunities available in your area.

What’s happening nationally: National 4-H Science.

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