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4-H Science Toolkits - 4th H for Health

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screen shot of activity cards included in the 4th H for Health CurriculumThe 4th H for Health curriculum is filled with activities to build foundational knowledge around healthy eating and physical activity habits. Over six activities participants will experiment with new fruits and vegetables, discover the sugar content of common drinks, and design their own activity challenge, all in an effort to achieve the 4th H for Health challenge! The 4th H for Health curriculum was developed by Healthy Kids Out of School with support from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

  • General Tool Kit Information Sheet (to reserve a tool kit): Word | PDF
  • 4th H for Health Curriculum (PDF)
  • Materials provided in kit:
    • Snack smart taste test form for each participant
    • Pens/pencils
    • Small Containers
    • Paper towels or napkins
    • Activity plan template sheet for each student/group
    • Physical Activity Equipment (e.g., small balls, jump rope, and cones)
    • Sugar detective handouts
    • Empty drink containers (6-8 unique types)
    • Sugar
    • Markers
    • Glue, staples or tape
    • Empty gallon jug (clear)
    • Water pitchers (2)
    • Measuring cup (1 cup)
    • Assorted drinking glasses or cups and water bottles
    • Daily Hydration cards for each student
    • Scissors
    • Stopwatch, watch or clock
    • Respiration data sheet for each participant
    • Trivia cards (2 sets)
    • Fuel Forward Activity cards (5 sets)
    • Notepads or paper
    • Laminated Tic Tac Toe Boards (5) 
  • Not included in this kit, but you may also need:
    • Fruit
    • Vegetables
    • Non-caffeinated tea bags
    • Poster board/large paper
    • Blank paper
    • Temporary tattoos, stickers or other fun prizes
    • Water
    • Knife
    • Cutting Board

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