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4-H Science Toolkits - Eco Bots Project

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The National Science Experiment, the 4-H Eco-Bot Challenge, explores how robots can be used to preserve and protect the environment, while offering a glimpse into the future of science, technology, engineering, and math. Youth will assemble their own Eco-Bot, then discover how the robot functions. Youth will design a set of control surfaces to program the Eco-Bot to perform a simulated environmental cleanup project.

If you liked the Eco-Bots experience, come visit the University of Maine!

The UMaine College of Engineering has year around tours and hands on activities on campus for all age students. UMaine College of Engineering is very committed in encouraging our youth, especially girls, to engineering careers through the Girls Engineer Maine (GEM) and other programs. To schedule a visit for your group, contact your UMaine Extension County Office, and they will work with us to arrange a convenient time. Boys are welcome too!

The University of Maine offers academic Minors in Robotics and in Environmental Engineering!




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