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4-H Science Toolkits - Put It Up! Food Preservation for Youth

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apple slices drying in a dehydrator; photo by Edwin RemsbergTeach kids safe food preservation techniques with this hands-on kitchen activities toolkit. Students will learn five different food preservation techniques: boiling water bath canning, making jam, pickling, freezing, and drying. These lessons include additional activities that teach science and math skills that meet several common core standards.

The kit contains instructions, recipes, additional activities, and kitchen and food preservation equipment for a group. Some activities require the use of a stove. Materials like produce and standard canning jars with 2-piece dome lids need to be purchased separately. The curriculum is designed for middle school students, but activities can be adapted for ages 8-18.

  • General Tool Kit Information Sheet (to reserve a toolkit): Word | PDF
  • Curriculum: A printed copy is included in the toolkit. (Also available from the National Center for Home Food Preservation. Scroll down to and click on the Request the Curriculum link, then complete the request form to access PDF files of the curriculum.)
  • Toolkit supply list:
    • Printed copy of the Curriculum
    • General supplies:
      • Food chopper
      • Knives
      • Peelers
      • Cutting boards
      • Colander
      • Bowls
      • Measuring cups (dry and liquid)
      • Measuring spoons
      • Digital timer
      • Utensil kit:
      • Jar lifter
      • Bubble freer/ headspace tool
      • Jar funnel
      • Spatula
      • Ladle
      • Paper towels
      • Cooling rack
      • Dish towels
      • Potholders
      • Soap
      • Sponge
      • Fine Sharpie
      • Stockpot
      • Boiling water bath canner
    • Jam and Jelly Supplies:
      • Cheesecloth
      • Pectin
      • Strawberry hullers
    • Pickling Supplies:
      • Pickling salt
    • Freezing Supplies:
      • Freezer-grade plastic bags
      • Drying Supplies:
      • Dehydrator
      • Wax paper

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