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4-H Science Toolkits - Maine Lakes

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sunset over Big Indian Lake; photo by C.D. Eves-ThomasMaine has over 6000 lakes and ponds! Based on research on Sebago Lake conducted by scientists at the University of Maine, the Maine Lakes toolkit will allow youth to explore lake health, both from a water quality and water quantity perspective.

  • General Tool Kit Information Sheet (to reserve a tool kit): Word | PDF
  • Curriculum
  • Included in this toolkit are:
    • Crochet covered ball
    • Clear plastic shower curtain
    • Spray bottles (4)
    • Twine
    • Stopwatch (4)
    • Collapsible measuring stick
    • Tape measure
    • Calculators (5)
    • Aluminum foil
    • Aluminum baking pans
    • Foam building materials (cones, blocks, rings, balls)
    • Food coloring (red, yellow and blue)
    • Visuals USB drive*

* All required visuals and worksheets are included in the provided USB drive. It can be found in the page protector with the label “Visuals USB drive” in the facilitator’s guide.

MAINE EPSCoR logo This activity is supported by National Science Foundation award #EPS-0904155 to Maine EPSCoR at the University of Maine. NSF logo

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