Maine 4-H Foundation 2020 Annual Report

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Maine 4-H Foundation 2020 Annual Report (PDF)

Dear Friends of the Maine 4-H Foundation,

Our chosen word for 2020 is Resilience. Upon reflection, we saw a year of not only unprecedented change and hardship but also great resilience and dedication in the face of adversity.

As a 4-H community, we have:

  • Provided funding to support our statewide 4-H Youth Development programs, our 4-H Camp and Learning Centers and creative new educational programs statewide.
  • Provided scholarship support for higher educational opportunities for our Maine youth.
  • Provided COVID-19 support to 4-H members, families, teachers, classrooms, schools, and communities, including the delivery of amazing videos, live virtual teaching opportunities, creative at-home educational tool kits, lessons, virtual clubs, and more.
  • Reinforced our dedication to raising cultural awareness and providing opportunities for all youth across Maine.
  • Enhanced our educational enrichment programs to include virtual classes and research for K-12 students, teachers, and administrators.

Our mission is now more important than ever, and we would like to thank you for your continued support.

Susan Jennings, Executive Director
Carla Lafayette, President

Our Mission

The Maine 4-H Foundation cultivates, promotes, and secures financial resources to support the 4-H Youth Development program statewide.

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension oversees the 4-H Youth Development program in Maine.

Our Vision

We support a 4-H program that provides opportunities for all Maine youth. We seek to create and enhance program and recognition opportunities for 4-H members and volunteers, that they may develop the value and characteristics of successful citizens with responsibility, leadership, and integrity.

Core Beliefs and Values:

The Maine 4-H Foundation believes and supports the following:

  • Preserving the strong 4-H traditions
  • Valuing opportunities for all Maine youth
  • Valuing the personal growth and life skills development that long-term 4-H club participation brings
  • Valuing active participation, volunteer efforts, and cultivating development
  • Supporting innovative 4-H STEM programming, environmental sustainability education, healthy living, leadership, arts, and service

two 4-H'ers work together on a project

Creating Opportunities for All

The Maine 4-H Foundation has grown tremendously over the past few years, supporting an equally creative and expanding 4-H program across Maine. 2020 proved to be a challenge, but UMaine Extension and Maine 4-H lived up to the challenge and created new ways to teach, educate, support and empower Maine youth.

“Belonging to 4-H was one of most important things, if not the most important, that I ever did.” — Frederick Hutchinson, University of Maine President 1992-1997.

“UMaine Extension conducts the most successful out-of-school youth educational program in Maine through 4-H.” — Dr. Joan Ferrini-Mundy, University of Maine President 2020.

“Showing gratitude and being grateful are two of my deeply held values. I am grateful for all of the incredible work that Extension and 4-H has accomplished throughout this pandemic.” — Dr. Hannah Carter, Dean UMaine Extension 2020.

Community Central builds workforce and life skills for high school students in Lewiston and Portland, Maine. Teens demonstrate knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior necessary for leading fulfilling contributing lives because they participate in Community Central. This project is an initiative to connect schools, families, and
communities. Community Central engaged over 3,000 elementary students from Lewiston and Portland in experiential STEM learning at public housing, school, and community sites.

Maine 4-H is open to all youth ages 5-19 nationwide!
There are more than 6 million 4-H members in the Nation!

4-H New Innovative Programs

Maine 4-H Aquaponics

Maine 4-H Aquaponics has created and developed amazing new experiences for youth in 2020. One of our 4-H amazing educational experiences included live virtual lessons on aquaponics, Young people grow their own plants above their own fish tanks. Learning about taking care of living fish, and the nutrients needed to grow the plants and how the two work together.

4-H'res working on hydroponics projects

4-H Passport Around the World SPIN Club

fabric craftJoin Maine 4-H and Greenheart Exchange as we travel around the world virtually and meet other teens from across the globe! Meetings will include a brief presentation from a Greenheart Exchange Student, an activity, and Q & A. This SPIN Club is designed for ages 12-18 and open to all youth. A minimal supply list will be provided for each activity. The program will focus on increasing a greater understanding of international arts, culture, and life experiences.

4-H exploring the art and culture around the world

  • Ukraine – Dyed Eggs
  • Indonesia – Batik
  • Poland – Paper Chandelier
  • Georgia – Calligraphy Card
  • Kosovo – Paper Quilling Box
  • Bangladesh – Henna

New Virtual 4-H Education in 2020

So, You Want to Make a Video? Videography on a Budget!

This four-part series will help introduce staff to the process of creating short, instructional videos. Join hosts Dr. Colt Knight, Assistant Extension Professor and State Livestock Specialist, and Mari Glatter, UMaine Extension Professional and Instructional Design, as we talk with special guests about the ins and outs of budget videography.

When Your 4-H Club Can’t Meet in Person…GO VIRTUAL!

Led by 4-H Volunteer Heidi Baker and Jen Lobley

Not being able to meet indoors with our 4-H members for club meetings has been hard. And meeting outdoors this time of year may not be ideal! Join us to hear how 4-H club leaders are moving their club meetings to Zoom and meeting virtually. 4-H has offered many virtual learning opportunities for youth statewide from 4-H club support to Teen Cafe projects. 2020 programs included 4-H Trivia, a virtual exhibit hall, numerous virtual programs with hands-on home educational kits, and more.

Check out our 4-H Friday Fun videos online!

campers enjoying the outdoors

4-H Camp and Learning Centers

2020 has certainly been a challenge for our 4-H Camp and Learning Centers. Forced to close last March and only able to open for small groups in September — the year has been a challenge.

The good news is that local schools were able to depend on our 4-H Learning Centers for incredible researched-based real-life STEM and outdoor environmental education when they were able to hold in-person learning. Our learning centers became critical science classrooms for the year. This continues today!

The exciting news is that we are moving ahead with active summer programs for small groups of Maine youth. Residential camps and summer local school programs will be able to explore the outdoors, learn about our local lakes and rivers, wildlife, and magnificent environment.

Our 4-H Camp and Learning Centers typically have over 10,000 youth attend our programs, This year we will host as many young people as possible and continue with our virtual live-streamed education coupled with hands-on learning kits for our kids.

Our sincere hope is to be back welcoming all of our Maine youth by fall of 2021! Thank you to everyone who
has supported our 4-H Learning Centers. You are a part of our 4-H community making a difference for our Maine children and teens.

4-Hers on horseback at fair

Statewide 4-H Animal Science

Animal science projects continue and 4-H volunteers work hard to help members to learn virtually and in small safe outdoor spaces.

We anticipate more hands-on 4-H animal science programs later in 2021.

Maine State Virtual Fair 2020

Participation in the Maine State Virtual Fair was an opportunity for 4-H members to be recognized for their efforts on projects they had completed and skills they had gained over the past 4-H year. Club members and independent 4-Hers from Maine were eligible and welcomed to submit entries to the Exhibit Hall.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

two youth with solar-powered race carThe Solar Sprint is a fun, interactive way to teach principles of renewable energy and the engineering design process; as students create solar-powered model cars. The top cars from each participating school/site are invited to attend the state race where they are raced for top speed and judged on innovation, design, craftsmanship, and other categories. This program strives to increase youth interest in STEM-related topics and careers. Supported by RLC Engineering.

girl with laptopMaine Virtual Teen Science Cafés are a great place to learn new science skills and be connected to other teens across Maine. The Cafés as well as other virtual teaching programs were initiated due to COVID-19 but have been so successful that 4-H will be continuing the virtual programs to support and reach many more Maine young people.

Maine and 4-H, reaching kids of all ages.

Citizenship and Leadership

Citizenship Washington Focus

Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) is a 4-H leadership program for high school youth, ages 14-18, from across the country. Take your 4-H experience to another level through Citizenship Washington Focus, a six-day intensive summer citizenship program for youth. CWF delegates learn about the democratic process and their role as citizens while they experience our nation’s capital. Get the inside scoop about how government really works from prominent guest speakers and interact with Maine’s State senators and representatives and/or their staffers. Program fellows lead bill writing workshops, as well as a national issues forum and mock
elections. There are congressional sessions that prepare youth for leadership now and in the future. The 4-H Foundation provides support and scholarships to 4-H members attending CWF.

National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference are flagship events of the 4-H program supported by the Maine 4-H Foundation.

Congress provides youth ages 14-18 a quality, educational, and cross-cultural experience that exceeds what any state independently provides. It is designed to address the needs and issues of young people while helping to develop capable, competent, and caring citizens. Congress focuses on issues and trends in agriculture, cultural diversity, group dynamics, and community service. The program is designed to help young people develop the knowledge base and leadership skills to positively affect change in our world. Conference explores our democratic government National 4-H Conference is to provide an opportunity for youth, adult volunteer leaders, and Extension staff to work together in addressing the issues of youth and how the 4-H Youth Development program can best meet the needs of youth at the local, state, and national levels through educational programming.

Visual and Performing Arts

4-H offers club and project opportunities in all areas of the visual and performing arts. Our 4-H Camp and Learning Centers offer nature and the arts, music, and nature and many creative arts programs during the summer. One of our new innovative virtual programs includes culture and arts from international countries. 4-H clubs are very involved with local craftsmen and artists. Both the arts and sciences offer opportunities for creative thinking and innovation.

4-H Health and Wellness

Hannah Carter supporting 4-HJoin the 4-H Health Challenge in Maine! The Maine 4-H Foundation helps to support many new programs, projects, and challenges in 2020!

Are your 4-Hers ready to commit to the 4th H? Your club can take on the 4th H for Health Challenge and earn the 4th H for Health pin! The challenge is to bring three healthy practices to your 4-H meetings and set an example of healthy eating and physical activity habits for 4-H youth.

“Mainely Dish” Recipe Video Series

Watch EFNEP’s “Mainely Dish” step-by-step videos for a simple recipe that can be done right at home! Keeping kids in the kitchen keeps them engaged! Visit our page to view videos and download/print recipe sheets.


UMaine Extension Horticulturist shows how to spark interest in youth for the activity of gardening and as they get a jump start on spring with these gardening activities. Be sure to share your gardening adventures by using the hashtag #GrowingMaineGardeners.

4-H'er with horse and 4-H'ers working on laptops

Resilience and Appreciation

4-H is an amazing program teaching young people to take action, persevere, learn, explore, set goals, practice, try, and explore, to be dedicated, to appreciate opportunities, and most important to be resilient.

Today, 4-H is an opportunity for every young person, there are clubs, community programs, 4-H Camp and Learning Centers, 4-H in the classroom, early college through 4-H and so many opportunities through UMaine Extension.

Join today, to begin learning and succeeding tomorrow!

wooden sculpture of a black bear; 4-H'ers at laptops working together on a project

4-H Looking Forward to 2021!

Campers jump off the dock into the lake at the 4-H Camp and Learning Center at Bryant Pond4-H is growing and expanding across our state. Our 4-H Learning Centers are open and slowly reaching more Maine youth in safe outdoor programs. Top finishers in the Maine 4-H Public Speaking Tournament, who earned a spot on the Maine 4-H Communication Science Team will be traveling with us and presenting at the New England Center 4-H program. We hope that COVID-19 will be behind us and our young people can continue to explore new learning activities, explore their passions and goals.

Today, 4-H continues to reach members through virtual and in-person safe learning.

Explore 4-H today on our website, Facebook page, and on YouTube.

Maine 4-H Foundation Board


President: (2020) Carla Lafayette, Hampden, ME
Vice-President: (2020) Sean Cameron, Rumford, ME
Secretary: (2020) John (Jay) Nutting, Vassalboro, ME
Treasurer: (2020) Lynn Gallagher, Gray, ME


(2020-1) Bob Heinrich, Auburn, ME
(2020-1) Molly Stifler, Brookline, MA
(2020-1) Katherine Kugelman, North Bridgton, ME
(2021-2) Deb Chase, Farmington, ME
(2021-1) Karen Hatch Gagne, Sidney, ME
(2021-1) Jon Olson, Vernon, ME
(2022-1) George Conant, Scarborough, ME
(2022-1) Mike Sawyer, Augusta, ME
(2022-1) Lavon Bartel, Steuben, ME
(2022-2) Taylor Mudge, Camden, ME
(2023-1) Devora Stager, Belfast, ME
(2023-1) Jason Judd, Portland, ME
(2023-1) Sherri Thornton, Burnham, ME
(2023-1) John Knuerr, Tenants Harbor, ME
(2024-1) Jacob Mitchell, Youth Trustee Representative
(2024-1) Maddie Gray, Youth Trustee Representative

Honorary Members

Lincoln Merrill, Yarmouth, ME
Scott Johnson, Bangor, ME
Dean Hannah Carter, Orono, ME

Youth Trustees

Alison Corey
Anna Cushman
Natalie Hodgman
Allison Merriman
Jacob Mitchell
Maddie Gray
MacKensie Schofield


Katherine Kugelman

Financial Report

Fund Investment Firm Fund Value
Azure Dillon and Chute Scholarship RBC 127,951
4-H Foundation HeadInvest 1,577,429
Claude Clement Scholarship UMaine 12,582
Parker/Lovejoy Scholarship UMaine 12,582
Evelyn Trorzky Scholarship UMaine 18,872
Witter Scholarship UMaine 12,582
Karen Hatch Gagne Fund UMaine 31,909
Norma Hardison Fund UMaine 31,453
Baird Fund UMaine 60,027
Humphrey Family Scholarship UMaine 12,585
Fred Hutchinson Scholarship UMaine 19,000
4-H Foundation UMaine 402,048
Wayne Rich Scholarship UMaine 22,053
Harold H. Brown Fund UMaine 31,453
Hawes Family Fund UMaine 26,689
Farm Credit/Gladys Conant Scholarship Harpswell 79,028
Oxford MKA Afterschool Harpswell 88,457
Tanglewood School Fund Harpswell 167,930
Tanglewood Financial Aid Fund Harpswell 62,029
Rupert and Suzanne Grover Entrepreneur Harpswell 66,064
Lafayette 4-H STEM Harpswell ($64,805 Jan 2021) 49,805
Fistal Family Master Gardener Scholarship Harpswell 5,243
Elinor Perry Goat/Working Steer Harpswell 17,551
4-H Hemphill Horse Endowment Harpswell 28,717
4-H Dairy Endowment Harpswell 15,688
Amy Alward 4-H Beef Harpswell 23,277
Kim and Lincoln Merrill 4-H Sheep Harpswell ($58,185 Jan 2021) 56,185
Oxford County/Scholarship Fund Harpswell 153,259
Oxton Trust Harpswell 218,747
Tanglewood School Scholarship Harpswell 177,475
Jackie Conant Scholarship Harpswell 20,736
Cumberland County Fund Harpswell 23,022
Somerset County Scholarship Harpswell 32,306
Jeremy Strater Washington County Scholarship Harpswell 31,237
4-H General Fund Harpswell 541,091
Leo J. & Catherine D. Pelley 4-H Scholarship Harpswell (New 2021) 30,000


The University of Maine is an EEO/AA employer and does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender expression, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, genetic information or veteran’s status in employment, education, and all other programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies: Director of Equal Opportunity, 101 North Stevens Hall, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469-5754, 207.581.1226, TTY 711 (Maine Relay System).