2015 Maine 4-H Foundation Scholarship Award Winners

Scholarship Award Winners
2015 scholarship award winners.

Frederick E. Hutchinson Scholarship

The Frederick E. Hutchinson Scholarship award went to Abigail DeHaas of Penobscot County. Abigail joined a 4-H Sewing club seven years ago, which led to joining a local 4-H goat club. Abigail has been involved with showing at Bangor Fair and Eastern States. She attributes her experiences with the goat project to helping her realize her passion for nursing and eventually becoming a Nurse Midwife. Her 4-H leader comments that “Abby is one of the hardest working young people with a wonderful attitude and drive to learn new things.” We wish Abigail success as she studies nursing at the University of Maine.

Maine Harvest Festival and Greenway Equipment Scholarship

The Maine Harvest Festival and Greenway Equipment Scholarship winner was Courtney Boucher from York County. Courtney will graduate from Massabesic High School. Courtney’s 11-year history in 4-H includes the York County Beef Club and actively showing her animals at Maine and New Hampshire fairs. She attributes 4-H to her career goal; Courtney plans to study Veterinary and Animal Science at the University of Maine in the fall. She was a member of the National Honor Society and a long-time 4-H member exemplifying leadership skills within her club and county.

Wayne Rich Scholarship

The Wayne Rich Scholarship was awarded to Kathryn Joseph from Cumberland County. Kathryn joined the Brass Knobs Working Steer Club to learn about animals and working with younger members. She excels at working with children and has been a tremendous asset to her technical school early childhood program. She successfully wrote a grant for the pre-school designed to bring a program unit on food origins and a farm field trip. Kathryn says that she wants to pursue a life full of farming. She would like to incorporate farming into her career as an elementary educator. Kathryn will be attending UMF in the fall. She has been a leader in her 4-H club and a role model for younger members.

Azure Dillon Scholarship

The Azure Dillon Scholarship was awarded to Bronwyn Gray of Androscoggin County. Bronwyn joined 4-H six years ago through her study and interest in horses and science. She has been involved with projects from community service, cultural education, and food science, to the dairy-goat project. Bronwyn attributes her early involvement in the high school culinary arts program due to her 4-H portfolio. Bronwyn is a Youth Trustee with the Maine 4-H Foundation; she is an outstanding 4-H member and involved with grant writing course at USM. She has dedicated many hours of service through 4-H including helping to plan the 4-H @UMaine program. Bronwyn plans to begin her studies in culinary arts at Southern Maine Community College.

Gladys E. Conant and Farm Credit East Scholarship

The Gladys E. Conant and Farm Credit East Scholarship was awarded to Brea McPherson. Brea began her 4-H career twelve years ago in Kennebec County. As a result of 4-H she started her own meat rabbit business with her brother and friend. She has been involved with the rabbit, beef, and leadership projects as well as the horse program. She has attended Eastern States as a member of the 4-H equestrian team. Brea plans to begin her studies focused on small business at Kennebec Valley Community College. Brea is an outstanding example of a caring and capable 4-H young person.

KC Lovejoy and Theda Parker Scholarship

This year the KC Lovejoy and Theda Parker Scholarship was awarded to Matthew McKenna of Aroostook County. Matthew has been an active 4-H member in the Aroostook Valley Baby Beef Club for over 12 years. He joined as soon as he was old enough and began with the goat project. He then went on to show sheep, pigs, dairy cattle, and beef. Matthew is involved in the community as a volunteer firefighter. Matthew is a dedicated, hardworking, well-rounded young man, who will certainly achieve his goals at Northern Maine Community College next fall.

Dr. Harold and Marion Chute Scholarship

The recipients for the Dr. Harold and Marion Chute Scholarship are Crystal Boucher of York County and Paige Widdecomb of Knox County.

Crystal Boucher joined 4-H 11 years ago with the York County Beef Club. She attended CWF and many fairs showing beef animals over the years. Her dedication to 4-H has included many service-learning projects, including the 4-H food booth, 4-H educational hands-on exhibits, and judging and work on the Acton Fair Chicken Hatchery. Crystal was certainly viewed as a leader in her 4-H club work. Crystal is graduating from Massabesic High School and plans on studying accounting at the University of Southern Maine.

Paige Widdecomb joined 4-H four years ago in Knox County. She is currently a student at Camden Hills Regional High School and plans to study Large Animal Veterinary Medicine in college. Paige is involved in the 4-H Beef Steer and Heifer project with the Aldermere Achievers. Her 4-H leader describes Paige as a “vibrant, energetic, and motivated individual.” Paige will be attending the University of Kentucky in the fall in the pre-veterinary medicine program.

Carla and Danny Lafayette Scholarship

The Carla and Danny Lafayette Scholarship award winner was Courtney Hall from Sagadahoc County. Courtney has been an active 4-H member for over 9 years in the horse program. She has served as the Equine Etc. 4-H club treasurer and mentor to fellow members. Courtney plans to put the many life skills she has learned in 4-H to use as a film major next year with a focus on editing productions. Her club leader compliments Courtney on her many hours of service and her volunteer work creating and editing the club video in 2014. She is graduating from Mt. Ararat High School and will be attending New York University in the fall for film and cinema production.

Audrey and Clayton MacIntyre Scholarship established for 2015 by their daughter Jane MacIntyre Kirkland

The recipient this year of the Audrey and Clayton MacIntyre Scholarship is Annie Cushman of Oxford County. Annie first became involved with 4-H in middle school through the Leadership and Service 4-H Club at Telstar. In addition she has been involved with a summer philanthropy course, and cause marketing projects while serving as an intern and Youth Trustee with the Maine 4-H Foundation. Annie is a dedicated student, committed to service in her community and school. She is a member of the National Honor Society and will undoubtedly be successful as she studies business and economics at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Jeanie and Elwood Stone Scholarship

The second Jeanie and Elwood Stone Scholarship was awarded to Sydney Hanson. Sydney will graduate from Nokomis Regional High School this spring and attend the Capilo Institute. She joined 4-H five years ago with the Penobscot Livestock 4-H Club. Sydney has been active on her family farm and enjoys showing cattle and raising pigs. She is a member of the Maine Junior Angus Association and the National Belted Galloway Association. She has taken on many leadership roles, including serving as treasurer and president of her 4-H club. She would like to own her own business and small farm in the future.

Evelyn Trotzky Scholarship

The recipient of the Evelyn Trotzky Scholarship is Kristen Benson of Cumberland County. Kristen will graduate from Gorham High School and is planning on studying communications and psychology in college. She joined the Cumberland County All-star 4-H Dairy Club when she was in fourth grade. Kristen attributes 4-H to building her confidence and encouraging her to learn. She has been an active member attending CWF, National 4-H Congress and Conference, in addition to the quiz bowl in Louisville. She plans to study and work with youth ministries or social work through Liberty College.

County Scholarships

There are two County Scholarships being presented this year on behalf of county scholarship funds. Local County committees recognize the strengths of our 4-H members and select a county award winner.

The Oxton Trust Award winner is Samuel Newcombe from Lincoln County. Samuel has been in 4-H for over 10 years. Currently a student at Erskine Academy, Samuel is looking forward to studying Physical Education and eventually teaching. Samuel has been a member of the Jolly Farmers 4-H Club and a junior leader in Whitfield, Maine. Samuel has been involved with raising and showing many livestock projects including poultry, heifers, and market steer. He has volunteered for the Erskine Academy Youth Soccer Program. Samuel plans to attend KVCC in the fall as he begins his college studies. He then plans to go on and pursue his teaching degree at another college or University.

The Oxford County Scholarship went to Alison Corey. Alison joined the Grandkids 4-H Club at age 5, the Tally Ho 4-H Horse Club, and eventually the Telstar Service and Leadership Club in Middle school. Alison now serves as a Youth Trustee and intern to the Maine 4-H program. She has been involved with many leadership and service projects, including a county-wide service project designed to help local youth with their education. Alison is passionate about political science and foreign studies. She plans to study Political Science and International Relations at Connecticut College and eventually be involved with the Foreign Service.