Let’s Do the Twist!

Dynamic Stretching

Getting ready for a day on the boat? Movements that stretch the body can help you get on the boat tomorrow, too.

Work Task:

Fishing for tuna


Reeling in a Big One?

While incredibly exciting, reeling in a big one can take quite a bit of work and put a lot of strain on your back and muscles. Leaning on the railing of the boat, bending towards the rod, pulling on a line, and fighting to turn a reel (and hopefully heaving a fish aboard) all require a fair amount of work and tension.



Stretch Break!

Twist to stretch



Standing Twist with Long Handled Tool

After you finally get your catch aboard, it doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes to stretch while you bask in victory. You can even use tools that are right at hand, like a gaff. Put the gaff on your shoulders and gently rest your hands on top like seen in the photo. Slowly and deliberately turn your body to stretch.


Demonstration of the Standing Twist: