Using the Directory on a Laptop or Desktop

There are several ways to use the directory to find a producer near you on your laptop or desktop:

  1. Using the map icons
  2. Using the dropdown menu
  3. Using the Google Sheet “find” feature

Find A Producer by Choosing an Icon

  1. Make the map full screen by clicking the screenshot of full screen symbolsymbol on the upper right portion of the map header.
    Screenshot of map
    (Click for larger image)
  2.     You can zoom in and out using the + and – symbols on the      bottom left of the map, or by double-clicking on your mouse, or  by scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  3. If you need to move the map to find your town, use click and drag (hold down on the “left-click” button on your mouse while moving it.) 

  4. Click on a farm or fish icon in your desired area and the listing information of the farm or seafood producer will appear on the left side of the map. 

    screenshot of farm listing
    (click for larger image)


  5. Clicking on a different icon will display information about the newly selected producer. 


  6.  When you have found your desired producer, contact them to find out what they have available. If you click on the red arrow by their name, screenshot of arrow directions will be displayed if available.

Find A Producer Using the Dropdown Menu

1.  Click on the symbol at the top left of the map to open up a listing of counties and the seafood listing.

Screenshot of Directory Map
(click to view larger image)

2. Turning Layers on and off: there are currently two layers: a Farms and Other Producers layer and a Seafood layer. Choose which layer(s) to display by clicking on the red checkboxes screenshot of red box with checkmark located beside “Farms and Other Producers” (sorted by County) and “Seafood” to turn those layers on and off on the map.

3.  Clicking on the dropdown arrow  screenshot of dropdown arrow symbol  beside the list of counties or the dropdown arrow screenshot of dropdown arrow symbol beside “all items” in seafood will open a list of the producers. 

4.  You can scroll through all the available farms and seafood producers here, and click on any producer to see their listing information. 

(We apologize that the listings are not alphabetical. This is a feature that we are not able to change.)

To return to the list, click on the arrow screenshot of red box with arrow beside the farm name at the top left. 

When you have found your desired producer, contact them to find out what they have available and see if their hours have changed.

Clicking on the red arrow symbol screenshot of arrow at the top right of the producer information will show directions to the producer, if available. 

Using Google Sheets to Find a Producer

Using the Google Sheet "find" feature

screenshot of top of Google Sheet
(click to view larger image)

The link to the Google Sheet can be found on the map page above the map.

screenshot of spreadsheet link

After the Google Sheet opens, to SEARCH for a town or product: Press Ctrl + F (Windows) or Cmd + F (Mac) on your keyboard to open the Find tool.
Then type your search word or phrase into the Find field and press enter.  You will see a box like this:  screenshot of search for farm

showing the search word and numbers that indicate how many times the word is included on the spreadsheet. We recommend being as specific as possible to limit the number of finds.

Each instance of the search word will be highlighted on the spreadsheet in green. Using the up and down arrows will move through all the highlighted boxes in the spreadsheet that include that word.