Using the Directory on a Phone or Tablet

On a phone or tablet, we recommend opening the map in the Google Maps app for the best user experience. If you already have the app, click on the “interactive map” link.

screenshot of map page
(Click to view larger image)
  • Tap on a map icon to bring up driving directions and see how far away it is.
  • Tap on the producer name to see their directory listing.
  • Tapping again will return you to the driving directions screen.

If you do not have the app, you can still use the map but the zooming feature can be difficult to control.

Follow these steps to find a producer in your area by selecting a producer icon on the map.

There are currently two types of producers: Farms and Other Producers icon and a Seafood icon.

  1.  Use two fingers to move the map in any direction.
  2. Zoom in and out using the + and – symbols at the bottom left of the map OR by using two fingers and spreading them apart to zoom out and together to zoom in.
  3. Click on a farm or fish icon in your area, and a description of the farm or seafood producer will appear on the left side of the map.Clicking on a different icon will change the information in this box.

Follow these steps to find a producer by the county and seafood dropdown menu:

  1. Click on the symbol at the top left of the map header (beside the word “Maine”) to open a listing of counties and the seafood listing.

    Screenshot of Directory Map
    (click to view larger image)


2.  Clicking on the dropdown arrow beside the list of counties or the dropdown arrow beside “all items” in seafood will open into a list of producers.

screenshot of counties list
(Click to view larger image)

3.  You can scroll down through all the available farms and seafood producers here, and click on any producer to see their farm’s listing information.

(We apologize that the listings are not alphabetical. This is a feature that we are not able to change.)

To return to the list, click on the red arrow screenshot of red box with arrow  beside the farm name at the top left.

To see directions to the farm or seafood producer, click on the symbol screenshot of arrow at the top right of the producer information.