Farm Record Keeping

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the Farm Service Agency (FSA) are partnering to provide free assistance to Maine farmers who would like to build on their ability to keep production and/or financial records.

farmer looking through book of receiptsConsultations Available

During the consultation, farmers will be asked to identify their record-keeping needs and will work one-on-one with UMaine Extension professional staff to increase their skills, or adopt new tools such as:

  • Microsoft Excel;
  • Google Drive;
  • QuickBooks;
  • Paper farm accounting books; or
  • Other record keeping systems.

The consultation will also include information about FSA’s Risk Management Programs and the records required to be eligible for these programs. Enrollment in FSA’s risk management programs is not a requirement to participate in this program.

This program is free of charge, confidential, and will only require your time.

For more information, to set up a consultation or request a disability accommodation, please contact Calvert Schaefer, 207.735.3244,

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is in partnership with the Farm Service Agency to deliver record keeping assistance to Maine farmers.