Planning and Managing Your Farm Business

In any profession, the old saying “a stitch in time, saves nine” is a true friend! The most successful farmers we know have gotten themselves in the habit of ‘stitching,’ i.e. anticipating and practicing how they will solve a problem, before it ever happens. Planning and managing means taking the time to hone your agrarian skills at workshops and conferences, and making yourself develop a business plan that identifies WHY you farm, WHAT you will raise or produce and WHO will buy your products. It means finding and hiring trusted professionals to help you create and maintain production, legal and financial records. It means asking and answering your own key questions BEFORE you are suddenly overwhelmed and in awe, say, in the barn at 3:00 a.m. during lambing season.


Who to Contact for Direct Assistance


  • Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm Business by Sarah Beth Aubrey (2007), Storey Publishing, North Adams, MA , ISBN 978-1-58017-697-2
  • Taking Control of Farm-Family Living Expenses — Purdue University Cooperative Extension
  • Scaling Up Your Vegetable Farm for Regional Markets — This publication helps farmers decide if they are ready to expand their operations to serve wholesale markets or produce more for direct markets. It describes how organization and planning can help a producer meet the challenges involved in scaling up. This publication addresses important considerations such as land, labor, food safety, marketing, and insurance.