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Frost event in Washington County June 3 to June 4th, 2018

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Temperatures dropped into the 30s F in many fields last night and below freezing in some, see table below.  These cold temperatures may damage flowers.  If you wish to see the temperatures for the weather station closest to your field, please go to the following website.  You can click on the graphs on the top to see air temperature (graphs for individual weather stations are not working) or you can download the data  for an individual weather station with the options on the top left of the page.

Weather Station data link


Start of POSSIBLE frost event June 3 to June 4th

Deblois below 32F from 9:50pm to 3am, lowest temp 25.7F
Montegail below 32F after 11:20am to approx. 12:50am, lowest recorded 31.5F (missing records)
Jonesboro station not working
Whiting/E. Machias lowest 2:10am 33.7F
Cooper lowest 32.7 approx. 12am to 1am.
Crawford below 32F from 11:40pm to 1:40am, lowest 29.5F

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