Insect Control Labels

Most insect control labels can be found on the CDMS Agro-chemical Database, on the NPIRS Public ME Pesticide Database, or on the manufacturer’s website. Be sure to read and select the correct label.  The links below are to the most recent label versions of each product; if you have an older product, use the search links above to find the label version that matches your product.

Specimen Labels Updated 01/27/2022


Sevin XLR (PDF)

Group 1b

Diazinon AG500 (PDF)

Diazinon AG600 (PDF) 

Diazinon 50W (PDF)

Malathion Multiple Formulations:

Fyfanon ULV AG (PDF)

Fyfanon 57% (PDF)

Malathion 8 Aquamul (PDF); 24c label (Expires December 31, 2023) (PDF)

Malathion 8F24c label (Expires December 31, 2023) (PDF)

Imidan 70-W (PDF); 2ee Recommendation (PDF)

Group 3

Asana XL (PDF)

Group 3A

Mustang Maxx (PDF); 2(ee) Recommendation for SWD (PDF); 2(ee) Recommendation for BMF (PDF)

Group 4A

Admire Pro (PDF)

Assail 30 SG (PDF); 2(ee) Recommendation (PDF)

Assail 70WP (PDF)

Montana 2F (PDF)

Montana 4F (PDF)

Group 4D

Sivanto 200 SL (PDF); 2(ee) Recommendation for Thrips in Blueberry (PDF)

Group 5

Entrust SC (PDF);  OMRI (Expires December 1, 2022) (PDF)

GF-120 NF Naturalyte (PDF); OMRI (Expires December 1, 2022)

Delegate WG (PDF); 2(ee) Recommendation for SWD in Blueberry (PDF)

Group 18

Intrepid 2F (PDF)

Group 28

Exirel (PDF)

Group m

BotaniGuard ES (PDF)

Group: Unknown

AzaGuard (PDF); OMRI (Expires December 1, 2022) (PDF)

AzaSol; OMRI (Expires December 1, 2022) (PDF)

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