adult volunteer scrambling eggs

Marcel Polak has lived in Woodstock, Maine for 40 years with Emily Ecker. During that time he has worked as a waiter, potter, co-founder/Executive Director of Mahoosuc Land Trust, land conservation consultant and real estate broker, etc. He also received an M.S. from Antioch New England Graduate School in Natural Resources Management and Administration. Two of his proudest accomplishments are section hiking the AT from South Kinsman in NH to Katahdin in Maine and recently hiking the 48 – 4000’ peaks in the White Mountains with Emily.
Marcel and Emily’s daughter, Rachel, grew up in Woodstock and attended SAD 44 in grades K-12. Marcel serves on the SAD 44 School Board and wanted to have more direct meaningful experiences with students. He has greatly enjoyed sharing great outdoor experiences, like camping and bicycling at Acadia National Park and canoeing the Androscoggin River, with NorthStar students.