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2012 Prezis & Posters


Small Scale Composting at the UNE MARC Compost Facility
Keith Matassa

The Matrix Effect of Thermophillic Anaerobic Digestion (TAD) on Decontamination of Infectious  Laryngotracheitis (ILT) Virus Using Real-Time PCR and Virtual Cell Culture
Tiejun Gao

Online Mortality Composting Certification Course
Amanda Meddles

United States Dead Animal Disposal Laws
Mary Schwarz

Behavior of Microbial Communities Beneath a Mortalities Burial Site Using CPN-60 Taxonomic Profiling
Dyan Pratt

Economic Costs of Open Static Pile and In-Vessel Systems for Routine Mortality Management on Swine Farms
Dale Rozeboom

A Comparison of the Quantity and Quality of Leachate Generated by Compost Piles Exposed to Natural and Artificially Induced Precipitation
Mark King

Disposal Planning with Landfills
Anna Ruman

Mortality Composting Outreach in Brasil/ Education Exchange
Jean Bonhotal


Static Composting of Equine Mortality (PDF)
C.A. Shea Porr

Training First Responders on Equine Handling and Technical Rescue (PDF)
C.A. Shea Porr

Field Testing of Bone Screening and Beneficial Refuse of Large Animal Mortality Compost (PDF)
Robert Clark

Biosecurity Messaging: What do the recipients of our messages think? (PDF)
Dale A. Moore

A literature Review on Disinfecting Chemicals for Improved Bio‐Security of Emergency Animal Mortality Composting and Anaerobic Digestion (PDF)
Lam Nguyen

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