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Weeds (Maine Cranberries) - List of Maine Cranberry Weeds

Weeds Found on Maine Cranberry Beds

  • This list does not constitute all weeds that could grow in a cranberry bed in Maine, but merely some that have been found and identified in Maine thus far.
  • If you don’t know the name of the weed in question but you know what it looks like, you might find it on our Maine Cranberry Weed Photos page.
  • For the latest cranberry weed control recommendations, consult the Maine Cranberry Pest Management Guide.
  • See also the UMaine Extension site of weeds associated with Maine lowbush blueberries (we have many of the same weeds in common): Maine Wild Blueberry Weed Photos

Barnyard Grass Maple Trees (Saplings)
Beggarstick or Pitchfork Meadowsweet
Birch Trees (Saplings) Narrow-leaved or Lance-leaved Goldenrod
Birdsfoot Trefoil New York Aster
Bluets or Quaker Ladies Pitchfork or Beggarstick
Carpetweed* Prostrate Spurge
Clover: Hop Clover* and White Clover* Purple Vetech or Cow Pea
Common Cinquefoil Sandspurry / Red Sandspurry*
Creeping Yellow Cress Small-Flowered White Aster
Cudweed* Smartweed or Ladysthumb
Dandelion Swamp Candles or Yellow Loosestrife*
Dodder (quite rare) Vetch (Purple Vetch or Cow Pea)
Dwarf St. Johnswort Water Purslane
Fireweed White Clover*
Groundnut or Wild Bean White Violet or Lance-leaved Violet
Hair-cap Moss Wild Bean or Groundnut
Hairy Willowweed Witchgrass
Hawkweed Yellow Loosestrife or Swamp Candles*
Horsetail or Mare’s Tail* (equisetum)
Yellow Wood Sorrel
Ladysthumb or Smartweed*
* = Particularly prevalent and/or problematic on Maine commercial cranberry beds.
Last addition of a specimen to this list: Feb. 18, 2010

Cranberry questions? Contact Charles Armstrong, Cranberry Professional. University of Maine Cooperative Extension || Pest Management Office || 491 College Avenue || Orono, ME 04473-1295 || Tel: 207.581.2967 [email:]


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