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Weeds (Maine Cranberries) - Maine Cranberry Weeds (Photo Collection)

Photos by C. Armstrong

Photo of a small patch of birdsfoot trefoil stems and blossoms Photo showing a small patch of bluets, closely clumped together, and all in bloom Photo of a clump of carpetweed (the rosette portion) 2nd example of a clump of blooming Hop Clover Photo of a sizable patch of white clover in a Maine cranberry bed (photo taken mid-June) Common Cinquefoil growing in a Maine cranberry bed (July 28th) Photo of Creeping Yellow Cress, plus a postage stamp for scale purposes Closer view of the top portion of a Cudweed plant Pair of flowering dandelions 3rd photo of dodder stems wrapped around cranberry uprights Photo of a dwarf St johnswort plant, in bloom (yellow flowers) Photo of the flowering portion of a Narrow-leaved Goldenrod plant a patch of Hair-cap Moss (May 27th, 2010) Fireweed (downeast Maine - Hancock County) Picture, from above, of a Hairy Willowweed plant growing in a cranberry bed Photo showing both orange hawkweed and yellow hawkweed growing together Another photo showing a pair of horsetail plants in a cranberry bed Photo of a young maple tree (sapling) growing in a Maine cranberry bed Photo showing 3 flower heads of New York Aster (photo taken July 9th, 2009 in Etna, Maine) Another photo of Prostrate Spurge (zoomed out a little compared to the previous image) Photo of some Purple Vetch stems (in full bloom) Photo of a sandspurry plant - probably Red Sandspurry Photo of a Small-flowered White Aster (also a fly resting on the center of the flower) Photo of a White Violet, in bloom, and considerably close up (photographed May 27th in central Maine) Wild Bean in flower - August 29th, 2017 Photo of a Yellow Loosestrife plant, in bloom Slightly closer view of the same Yellow Wood Sorrel plant, and a US postage stamp for scale purposes

Weed descriptions and, in most cases, additional photos:

Barnyard Grass || Birdsfood Trefoil || Bluets || Carpetweed || Clover: Hop Clover and White Clover || Cinquefoil || Creeping Yellow Cress || Cudweed || Dandelion || Dodder || Dwarf St. Johnswort || Goldenrod || Hair-cap Moss || Fireweed || Hairy Willowweed || Hawkweed || Horsetail || Ladysthumb || Maple Trees (Saplings) || New York Aster || Prostrate Spurge || Purple Vetch || Sandspurry || White Aster || White Violet || Wild Bean or Groundnut || Yellow Loosestrife || Yellow Wood Sorrel

See also the UMaine Extension site of weeds associated with Maine lowbush blueberries (we have many of the same weeds in common): Maine Wild Blueberry Weed Photos

Cranberry questions? Contact Charles Armstrong, Cranberry Professional. University of Maine Cooperative Extension || Pest Management Office || 491 College Avenue || Orono, ME 04473-1295 || Tel: 207.581.2967 [email:]


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