NEW Fruit and Veg Listserv for Farmer-to-Farmer Communication!

Hello Farmers!

After many conversations with farmers who have been searching for better ways to communicate with other farmers, Caleb Goossen and myself are getting a new Maine vegetable and berry growers email listserv up and running.

The new Maine vegetable and berry growers email listserv is open to all commercial growers, organic and conventional, with these aims:

  • The purpose of this list is to help growers to buy and sell items from each other, to connect for buying in bulk, and to find equipment, supplies, and land that can be shared and loaned.
  • Sharing of experiences with products, production and management knowledge, and navigating topics such as insurance, labor, and financing are encouraged. Extension Educators and other service providers are also encouraged to join and contribute to the discussion.
  • Please do not send any: political messages, surveys, or spam of any kind. Sending non-­practical messages will dilute the purpose of the lists and reduce participation.

Members that do not honor the purpose of the lists may be removed.

For this to be a truly valuable resource for everyone involved, please keep the following considerations in mind:

  1. Subject lines should be concise but descriptive
  2. When a question of general interest is asked to the list, such as “how do growers dry garlic?” please reply only to the sender, who should then compile all the answers and send out a message to the list with a descriptive subject matter line, “responses to garlic drying question.”
  3. The more farmers that are utilizing the list, the more useful it will be for everyone involved, so please encourage others to subscribe!

To subscribe, send an email to You will be given the option to select your preferred options for the way you receive emails from the list, either “traditional” where you receive each email at the time it is posted to the list, or “digest” which will group all of that days posts into one email per day.

After you have been added to the list, you can post by sending an email to: