Mini-Forum Workshop Descriptions

All Cloverbuds (5-8 year olds) must be accompanied by an adult to all workshops, sharing the responsibility is fine. All attendees ages 9-15 must have an adult at Mini-Forum who is responsible for them, sharing the responsibility is fine. Please note some workshops have required supplies that must be brought the day of Mini-Forum. All needed supplies are listed in each workshop description below. Workshop registration is first come, first served so register today!

Track Workshops (10:00 – 11:30 AM)

Engineer It!

This workshop will be filled with engineering challenges. We will work together to challenge the laws of physics by building marble roller coasters. There will also be other surprise engineering challenges to test as time allows.

Fee: Free          Instructor: Sarah Sparks        Limit: 15          Ages: 5 – 18

Going to a Fair Be Prepared!

In this workshop we will be doing a bunch of hands on activities that will helps us learn about how to be bio-secure! We will be learning about zoonotic diseases and how to keep our animals healthy during the show season!

Fee: Free          Instructor: Natalie Domin and Rachel Wiest (2020 Agri-Science Team Members)     Limit: 20         Ages: 5 – 18

Home Decor Makers Challenge

In this workshop participants will be given tools and a time limit to create home decor masterpieces that fit their own unique styles! The “Faster Craft” challenge (25 minutes or less) includes making a hanging garland for your room or home. While the “Master Craft” challenge (1 hour) will be making a signature piece for your home with the first initial of your last name! This workshop is all about combining your creativity with the items available, to create your own unique piece. Suggestions & help will be available but the exact way & materials to create your design is up to you!

Fee: $2.00          Instructor: Sara Conant       Limit: 10         Ages: 5 – 18 (5-8 year olds will need teen or adult assistance)


Fruit smoothies are yummy and delicious! We will provide the ingredients, you choose what you want to create and we will all sample your creations.

Fee: $3.00          Instructor: Cat & Becca     Limit: 12        Ages: 5 – 18

Volunteer Training

This is an in-person required training component to become a certified volunteer with 4-H. For more information about becoming a 4-H volunteer please visit the How Do I Become a Volunteer page.  This workshop is great for 17 or 18-year-old 4-H members in their last year of 4-H, as well as parents.

Fee: Free          Instructor: Mitch Mason         Limit: 10          Ages: 17+

Sampler Workshops (1:40 – 2:40 PM.)

Animal Arts

Have fun making crafts for animals! Participants will make a dog tug toy, a cat toy, and an animal themed craft. Please bring a clean, older T-shirt or two, that you don’t mind cutting up.

Fee: Free        Instructor: Victoria Harmon         Limit: 8          Ages: 5 – 12

Rabbit Care 101

Are you interested in getting a rabbit? Come join Rabbit Care 101 to find out more on how to take care of your new fuzzy friend. This class is meant for beginners interested in spending time learning more about rabbits.

Fee: Free          Instructor: Jack & Amylynn McDevitt   Limit: 10          Ages: 5 – 12

Back to Basics!

Come learn some traditional skills. Lets go back in time and learn some easy and fun activities. We will churn butter, spin some wool into yarn, and weave a bracelet.

Fee: Free          Instructor: Rachel Domin & Amanda St. Peter      Limit: 20          Ages: 5 – 18

Messy Science

4-H members will make (and take home) three slime recipes. Youth will discover how polymers can shape the world around us (including their slime). This workshop does involve glue, dye, and glitter, so don’t wear white or new clothes!

Fee: Free          Instructor: Mitch Mason   Limit: 12         Ages: 5 – 18 (5-8 year olds will need teen or adult assistance)

Food Build Off Challenge

Youth will be put into teams of 2 or 3. You will be given food and as a team must complete the challenges you are given. In this challenge we are using mostly fruits & vegetables. Please let us know if you have any allergies and we will do our best to accommodate you

Fee: $3.00          Instructor: Kendall Sparks & Chloe Goodwin         Limit: 12          Ages: 9 – 12

Fudge Making

Learn how to make yummy chocolate fudge from an easy recipe and take it home with you! Participants should bring an apron.

Fee: $3.00          Instructor: Pat & Steve Stack          Limit: 9          Ages: 9 – 18

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