Cumberland County 4-H Lending Library and Science Toolkits

Community Outreach Programs

The following items are available for loan to enrolled 4-H volunteers, Cumberland County educators, after-school staff, and other non-profit organizations working with youth ages 5-18. Some of the kits are adaptable to all grade levels. Science Toolkits can be reserved for a month to 12 weeks (depending on the kit). Books and SPIN Club Kits are available for loan up to 10 weeks. There is little to no cost (except for the replacement of consumable supplies) and a $25 deposit is required.

Our staff is also available to offer many educational programs for libraries, after-school programs, and other youth organizations. There are a variety of options to choose from for all ages of youth 5-18. Community outreach programs tend to last one to two hours in length depending on the time-frame you are looking to fill. To reserve a kit, or for more information about community outreach programs we offer, please email or call 207.781.6099.

Science Toolkits Currently Available for Loan in Cumberland County:

For more information about Science Kits available for loan at the state level please visit the Maine 4-H Science Toolkits page.

SPIN (SPecial INterest 4-H Clubs) Kits

SPIN clubs typically run for six weeks to teach 4-H or non-4-H youth about a particular subject area outside of their traditional club meetings. To go along with these kits we offer an abbreviated version of our volunteer training to anyone interested in leading a new Special Interest Club. In addition to these kits for loan, we also offer a few SPIN Clubs in the Summer months taught by our staff. For More Information about our Summer SPIN Clubs please click here.


  • Canon Cameras for use at club meetings and events

Community Outreach Programs

Listed below are some of the common community outreach programs taught by our staff. Most programs are offered free of charge to libraries, after-school programs, and other non-profit youth organizations. Not all of the programs we offer are listed so please email or call Sara Conant for information on other activities you may like to have offered by 4-H for your program.