Flowering in the North Conference

Attendees at the Flowering in the North Flower Growers Conference

A winter meeting to share knowledge about Zone 5 growingmarketing, and designing with farm fresh flowers.

Pre-Conference: Focus on Design & Management for Weddings (FULL)

Date: January 28, 2019
Time: 9am-5pm
Abromson Center of the University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME
Cost: $400 per person (FULL)

Looking to grow you wedding and event design game? Come join us for a hands-on day-long workshop with a talented team of expert designers. We will cover all aspects of running a design business starting with marketing your work and the initial conversation with a client, to landing the job, pricing your work and getting the contract signed. We’ll discuss the work schedule leading up to the wedding, selecting and sourcing local blooms, and how floral design fits into a farm operation. You’ll get to dive in with a hands-on design session to create gorgeous design work that you’ll be excited to share with your future customers. Let us help you take your floral design business to the next level. Stacy Brenner from Broadturn Farm, Carolyn Snell of Carolyn Snell Designs, Anna Jane Kocon of Little State Flower Farm and author and designer Jill Rizzo of Studio Choo East will team up to teach for the day.

Main Conference (FULL):

Date: January 29 & 30, 2019
Abromson Center of the University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME
Cost: $150 per person (full)

Tentative Schedule:

January 29, 2019

8:00-8:30 am              Registration
8:30-8:45 am              Welcome and Introductions
8:45-9:45 am              Soils as the Foundation
                                      Jason Lilley (UMaine Extension)
9:45-11:45 am            Morning Breakout Sessions

Session A                     Dried Flowers
                                      Carole and Lauren Mapes (Flywheel Flowers) and Tania Cubberly (Skyfall Flowers)
Session B                     On-Farm Communication and Strategies for Setting Boundaries
                                      Abby Sadaukus, Tori Jackson, Karen Groat (SARE), and Polly Shyka (Village Side Farm)
Session C                     Woody Crops
                                      Carolyn Snell (Carolyn Snell Designs), Cindy Creps (Meadow Ridge Perennial Farm), and Alicyn Smart (UMaine Extension)

11:45-1:15 pm            LUNCH
1:15-3:45 pm              Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Session A                     Flower Farming 911: Your Service Provider Network
                                      Maine Ag Service Providers
Session B                     Harvest/Post Harvest Efficiency, Systems Design and Quality Control
                                      Alaena Robbins (Broadturn Farm), and Polly and Mike Hutchinson (Robinhollow Farm)
Session C                     Hoophouse Crops
                                      Grace Lam (Five Forks Farm), and Julia Shipley (East of Eden Farm)

4:00-5:30 pm              Social Time & Seed Swap
5:30 pm                       Dinner on your own.


January 30, 2019       

8:30-8:45 am              Registration
8:45-9:45 am              Farmer in the Spotlight: Success with Flowers at Eddy Farm
                                     Haley Billipp
9:45-11:45 am            Morning Breakout Sessions

Session A                     Growth and Change in the Lifespan of a Farm
                                      Anna Jane Kocon (Little State Flower Co.), Sarah Wiederkehr (Winter Hill Farm), and Flora Brown (Frinklepod Farm)
Session B                     Dahlias
                                      Luke Franco (Tiny Hearts) and Vanessa Tarr (Tarnation Flower Farm)
Session C                     Field Spring Crops
                                      Emily Henry (Chickadee Hill) and Kim Michel (Blue Cloud Farm)

11:45-1:15 pm            LUNCH
1:15-3:45 pm              Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Session A                    Nutrient and Water Management Strategies
                                     Trevor Hendy (Brookdale Fruit Farm) and Matt Wallhead (UMaine Extension)
Session B                    Planning Your Planting Season
                                     Stacy Brenner, John Bliss (Broadturn Farm), and Haley Billipp (Eddy Farm)
Session C                    Costs & Value: Pricing and Marketing Flowers
                                     Jed Beach (Farm Smart) and Semia Dunne (Floral Reserve)

3:45 pm                       Goodbyes and Evalutations



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