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4-H Club Program - 4-H Resources

Volunteer Resources

UMaine Cooperative Extension 4-H Volunteer Page

How to Become a UMaine Extension 4-H Volunteer

Volunteer Ongoing Leader Training (VOLT) E-Learning
When completing the VOLT E-Learning please create a new sign-in and make sure to click submit after each of the four modules. If you do not click submit your information will not be saved. You may complete some modules and come back to the E-Learning program to complete the rest of your modules by finding your name in the list of already registered users on the homepage. Once you complete all four modules an email will be sent to our office confirming your completion.

Special Interent (SPIN) Club Information and Resources

Commonly Used 4-H Forms


Club Officer Resources

Officer Duties (pdf)

Ten Rules for Officers (pdf)

Club Meeting Assessment (pdf)

Points to Look for in a Good Meeting (pdf)

Kansas Officer Training Guide (


Parent Resources

Parent and Guardian Roles in 4-H Clubs

So You’re New to 4-H in Cumberland County


4-H Camps & Camperships

Bryant Pond 4-H Camp and Learning Center

Tanglewood and Blueberry Cove 4-H Camps and Learning Centers

Cumberland County 4-H Camperships


General 4-H Resources

Cumberland County Guide to Completing Project Records

Shop 4-H

National 4-H

Maine 4-H

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