Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Dairy CowPhone: 207.581.3874


  • Dissection of deceased animals to determine cause of death
  • NEW! Capacity to necropsy large animals (i.e., cows, horses, moose, deer, ) with a loading dock, pulley system, and large, adjustable-height necropsy table
  • NEW! Quality, high-volume refrigeration and freezer space that can hold large animal carcasses until necropsy
  • NEW! Viewing classroom to educate students and others about animal health and diseases


  • Well-recognized resource for research and service
  • Slide preparation for microscopy

General Bacteriology

  • Numerous diagnostic test options available, including general parasitology and testing dairy samples to diagnose mastitis


  • FDA-regulated testing to ensure Maine farms can market eggs
  • Offers salmonella surveillance for small flock producers and for dairies

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