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Energy Info for Small Businesses & Farms

Extension Educator Andrew Plant in a barley field; photo by Edwin Remsberg, USDAEnergy Resources for Small Businesses

Energy Resources for Farms

Energy Use

  • Conserving Fuel and Electricity (on the Farm), ATTRA National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. Includes information on efficient agriculture buildings, root zone heating for greenhouse crops, irrigation energy saving tips, maintenance (pumps, motors, and engines), and conserving fuel on the farm.
  • Crop Storage: Potatoes, University of Wisconsin — Madison.
  • Farmstead Energy Audit,  #AE1366, North Dakota State University Extension Service. Topics include tractor and field operations, grain drying, indoor and outdoor lighting, irrigation, livestock watering, livestock buildings, farm shops, and the home.
  • Farm Energy Calculators, ATTRA National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. Planning tools designed to help producers save electrical energy, fuel, or fossil-fuel-based fertilizers.
  • Greenhouse Energy Cost Reduction Strategies, Department of Horticulture, Michigan State University.
  • Small Farm Energy Primer [Available upon request. Please e-mail us to request a PDF copy.]

Energy Production

Current Research & Programming by University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Energy Efficiency Checklist for Occasional Use Facilities: Churches, Granges, Service Clubs, etc. Use this checklist to help identify areas of energy loss and to create a plan for energy efficiency upgrades. Post the checklist in a public spot to share your progress with your membership.

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