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Hand turning down the thermostatAffordable Home Energy Saving Tips Webinars

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Archived sessions of this webinar
Are you looking for information on inexpensive things to do to your home or apartment to reduce your heating costs and/or make you more comfortable this winter?  Reducing your heating costs and other energy costs in your home is the focus of this program.  Part 1 of the session will include a demonstration on how to make a window shutter from cardboard, aluminum foils and duct tape as well as a door draft stopper from fabric and foam pipe insulation.  Part 2 covers supplemental home heating methods, insulation materials, and the importance of regular maintenance of your heating system will also be discussed. Part 3 an overview of alternative energy sources and tax incentives will round out the program.

Presenters were Donna Coffin and Kathy Hopkins, Co-Leaders of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Home Energy Education Program.

The three Home Energy Saving Tips webinars are:

Part 1 – Where Can I Save Money? (webinar)
Covers typical energy use in homes, specifics about measuring your own home energy use, energy audits, where to check for energy losses, compares heat content of fuels used to heat the home.

Part 2 – Easy Ways to Help Yourself (webinar)
Covers thermal comfort of individuals, low cost/no cost energy saving tips, air sealing, window treatments, lighting in the kitchen and upgrading heating systems.

Part 3 – Assessing Alternative Energy Systems (webinar)
Covers advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels,~renewable fuels, electricity from the grid, heat pumps, thermal solar, photovoltaic solar, wind and hydropower, and includes information on tax incentives for various energy practices.

Sponsored by UMaine Cooperative Extension in conjunction with Efficiency Maine and ARRA – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act).

For more information contact:

University of Maine Cooperative Extension
165 East Main Street
Dover-Foxcroft, ME   04426
207.564.3301 or in Maine 1.800.287.1491 (in Maine)
E-mail: or

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