Food Preservation

several rows of home canned food in glass jars on shelves in a wooden cabinet

11 Ways to Use Home Canned Foods

Now that the calendar has turned to 2022, it’s time to make sure you’re on track to use up last year’s canned goods. Whether you’re a novice or veteran canner, it’s important to use your home canned goods within one year for best quality. Foods older than one year are still edible, but may lose […]

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a variety of winter squash on a white background

Storing Winter Squash at Home

As I transition to a new season in my new home, I find myself pondering the best space to store my winter squash cache. After having lived in the same older home for 25 years, where I had nailed down the best microclimates for winter storage (think drafty old house), I expect I’ll have some […]

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dehydrated zucchini chips thinly sliced on a plastic dehydrator tray

Making Dehydrated Cucumber and Zucchini Chips

If you are looking for a low-carb, low-calorie alternative to potato chips, give dehydrated cucumber and zucchini slices a try! I was very skeptical but now I find these hard to stop eating once I start. Recipe Cut a cucumber or two into thin slices. I use a food processor that makes 1/16th-inch slices. These […]

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White bowl of yogurt with 3 red raspberries on the surface. Other raspberries visible in the background.

How to Make Yogurt at Home

I read all the nutrition books when my youngest was an infant. We did all the “right” things and were so proud to have a little one who would eat beet greens like candy! Then, it happened—somewhere between the ages of 2 and 3 her taste buds changed and suddenly, overnight, she became a picky […]

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variety of jars of home canned food on a butcher block countertop

Get Ready for Canning Season

Canning season is just beginning in Maine with some of the summer’s best produce appearing in our gardens and at farmers’ markets: cucumbers and beans for pickling, tomatoes for salsa, and fruit for jams. Now is also a great time to make sure you’re ready for canning and preserving by checking that your equipment is […]

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Cardboard carton of eggs with 8 white eggs

Extra Eggs? Pickle Them

My husband didn’t seem that excited last fall when I brought home 6 chicks as an anniversary gift for him. His attitude has changed a lot now that he is enjoying fresh eggs for breakfast, and his personal favorite is a pickled egg! I wish I could say that I’ve come to enjoy his anniversary […]

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close up of red stalks of rhubarb running horizontally across image

How to Freeze Rhubarb This Spring

Freezing rhubarb is a simple and easy way to use it later in cooking and preserving projects. Stocking my freezer with rhubarb is one of my favorite springtime preserving projects. Frozen rhubarb is so versatile. For instance, I just made Rhubarb Orange Chutney, using up last year’s frozen rhubarb in order to make room in […]

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close up of green fiddlehead ferns in a clear plastic bag

How to Prepare and Preserve Fiddleheads

May means fiddlehead season in Maine, and many Mainers are excited to prepare and preserve fiddleheads—the coiled frond of the edible ostrich fern. These spring delicacies have a vegetal flavor, often compared to asparagus, and are harvested wild in the Maine woods. Fiddleheads can be prepared and preserved in the freezer or pickled and canned […]

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