Mason jar with candy cane attached

Gifts from the Kitchen

Are you looking for fun gifts to share this holiday season? Homemade food gifts are inexpensive and fun ways to get the whole family involved with healthy and delicious gift giving. UMaine Cooperative Extension staff have created recipes and gift tags for you to create your own Gifts From the Kitchen. A couple of my […]

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Turkey on a plate on table

10 Recipes to Use Your Leftover Turkey

Leftovers: you either love them or you can do without them. Some people think the best part about a Thanksgiving meal is the leftovers and have a plan for how to use up the turkey and side dishes, while others need some fresh ideas. If you are looking for inspiration, here are a few of […]

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Text: Now Serving Breakfast - Tips for Make Ahead Breakfasts

5 Tips for Make-Ahead Breakfasts

We hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is the meal that is so often overlooked.  Why do so many people skip breakfast?  Sometimes not having enough time in the morning, unsure of what to make for breakfast,  or not being hungry are reasons why breakfast isn’t eaten.  Help […]

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Variety of legumes in cooking pots

How to Store and Cook Dried Beans

Do you have a bag of dried beans in your pantry and you have been avoiding cooking them because you weren’t sure how? Well, let go of the uncertainty! We have put together all the information you need to know about storing and preparing dried beans with confidence.  Storage Store dry beans in a cool, […]

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Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

This blog entry is the first of our new “Ask EFNEP” posts where members of UMaine Cooperative Extension’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) answer questions they are asked when delivering food and nutrition programs. This question was answered by Chris Finemore. Chris has worked with EFNEP in Aroostook County for almost 30 years. […]

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Picture of legumes in wooden scoop on white background.

All About Dried Beans, Peas and Lentils

Dry beans and peas are the mature forms of legumes such as kidney beans, pinto beans, lima beans, black-eyed peas, and lentils. Legumes have an assortment of shapes and colors depending on the variety. Some common legume varieties grown in Maine include Yellow Eye, Jacob’s Cattle, Pinto, Soldier, Navy, Black Turtle, and Cranberry beans. Although […]

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How to Make the Most of Your Leftovers

Got leftovers? Don’t be so quick to toss extra food into the trash. You can safely store your delicious dishes to enjoy later and prevent foodborne illness by following a few important steps. Before deciding to store your leftovers, ask yourself these two questions:  Has your dish entered the “Temperature Danger Zone” of between 40-140 […]

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Healthy diet vegan food, veggie protein sources: Tofu, vegan milk, beans, lentils, nuts, soy milk, spinach and seeds. Top view on white table.

Where Do You Get Your Protein? A Helpful Guide To Plant-Based Protein Options

Are you curious about incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet but worried about not getting enough protein throughout the day? There are plenty of healthy, affordable, sustainable, and delicious plant-based protein options. Whether it’s plant-based protein options such as tofu, tempeh, seitan, legumes, nuts, seeds, or quinoa, there are plenty of plant-based protein options […]

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assorted dried beans, peas and lentils in sacks

How to Become a Vegetarian

Have you been thinking about a plant-based diet? Maybe you have embraced “meatless Mondays” or your interest in a vegetarian diet is fueled by concerns for animal welfare or the environment, or as a way to improve your health. Whatever your reason for choosing a vegetarian diet, I have tips and resources you can use. […]

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