Can you suggest a source and type of tree to pollinate with my Baldwin semi-dwarf apple tree to produce fruit?


I bought a Baldwin semi-dwarf apple tree not realizing I needed two trees to produce fruit. Can you suggest a source and type?


Jonathan Foster, Home Horticulture Outreach Professional

Baldwin apples are triploid and have sterile pollen, so they can’t pollinate other trees–but they can be pollinated in return. I would reach out to your local nursery to see what apples they have in stock, then check the compatibility with Baldwins using this nifty tool from Orange Pippin Trees (referred courtesy of the Univ of Wisc Extension)–for example, both Cortland and Honeycrip will pollinate Baldwins. If you’d like to do a little bit of research ahead of time, the Maine Pomological Society maintains a great page with Maine apple varieties, which are the ones you’ll most commonly find at your local nursery. Keep in mind that a number of crabapples can also be used as pollinators for the Baldwin (these are searchable in the above tool, as well).

Happy gardening.