How do we fix our peach tree that split in half during a snow storm?


We have a self pollenating peach tree that was damaged with our last snow storm. It was spilt in half. I put back together with bolts. It seems to be doing okay but I’m not sure what else to do to make sure it better.


Jonathan Foster, Home Horticulture Outreach Professional

Fruit trees can often be repaired in the way you’ve already put into place–physical scaffolding to put the pieces somewhat back together. I can’t guarantee it–the younger and more vigorous the tree, the more likely it is to heal up–but it’s not uncommon. Make sure to keep the tree well watered the summer, as drought stress can impede the healing process. And if the repair is successful, you’ll want to redo the wrap now and again so that it doesn’t become constrictive as the tree matures. I will note that it’s possible this will always be a weak spot on the tree, and you may have trouble with heavy snow or wind in the future, but you’ve done just about all you can right now. But peaches are relatively short-lived in Maine, anyway, so you may be able to nurse it along through a normal northeastern lifespan.

Happy gardening.