Author: mmichaud

What would be a good species for a living fence?

Question: I am interested in planting a living fence around my yard to keep my chickens and ducks in and predators like neighborhood cats and dogs out. The fence are would be shaded by conifers in a forested area. What would be a good species for a living fence? Answer: Liz Stanley, Horticulture Community Education […]

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What is the best type of popcorn to grow in Maine?

Question: I want to challenge myself and my sons, together with their families, to grow popcorn this spring. Any suggestions on the type that will grow best in Southern Maine? Also, what would the best variety to grow in a container on a deck? We don’t have large garden spaces so are limited in that […]

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How do I deal with wilt and powdery mildew?

Question: I grow cucumbers and tomatoes indoors and can not feel if the surface is dry. The digital meter did not give a percentage and websites go from 10 to 80%. The problem is wilt and powdery mildew, both do better at 30-35% with treatments, but plants are slow growing at that level. Answer: Lynne […]

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