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Maine Home Garden News — July 2022

In This Issue: July Is the Month to . . . Ferns for the Home Landscape July Maine Garden Harvest Guide Maine Public Gardens: Garland Farm, Bar Harbor, ME Northern Mockingbird PFAS and Your Home Garden July Is the Month to . . . By Sandra Mitchell, Penobscot County Master Gardener Volunteer For goodness sake, […]

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Mini Iris

Maine Home Garden News — June 2022

In This Issue: June Is the Month to . . . A Gardener’s Balancing Act: Encouraging Pollinators and Managing Ticks Four Steps to Making Your Landscape Pollinator-Friendly June Maine Garden Harvest Guide Growing Wild Blueberries at Home Northern Flicker A Therapist’s Garden: Using Plants to Revitalize Your Spirit. by Erik Keller (Black Rose Writing, 2022) […]

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Crabapple blossoms

Maine Home Garden News – May 2022

In This Issue: For Cindy… May Is the Month to . . . Rewild Your Connection With Nature Consider your Bird Feeder: Risk Management for Bird Flu, Spring 2022 Quince, The Forgotten Royal Fruit Maine Public Gardens: Asticou Azalea Garden, Northeast Harbor, Maine Ruby-throated Hummingbird Tick Wise Lyme Disease in Maine For Cindy . . […]

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What’s the best way to store onions?

Question: My onions have been hanging in the shed but now it’s getting cold and I’m afraid they will freeze. Last year when I brought them in they all got condensation inside the skins and eventually rotted. (This had never happened before,) what to do now? I don’t have a really cool area in the […]

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Is it good to leave fallen leaves in the garden over winter?

Question: Is it good to leave fallen leaves in the garden over the winter? Is it beneficial? When can they be raked up in the spring? Answer: Viña Lindley, Food Systems & Home Horticulture Professional Absolutely, leaves make a great mulch since they’re free, readily available, and full of nutrients that release slowly over time.  […]

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Should asparagus plants be cut back in the fall?

Question: Should asparagus plants be cut back in the fall after they’ve turned yellow? I read that they should be cut just under the top of the soil, but wanted to confirm this information. Answer: Lynne M. Holland, Horticulture and Social Media Professional  Once the asparagus tops have yellowed their work is done for the […]

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What’s wrong with my River Birch?

Question: I bought this River Birch ‘Fox Valley Dwarf’ about three years ago. I lost the second and third stem the first winter but the now-single stem has done okay since then, it’s currently about 5′ tall. But it has these galls or something every year. It doesn’t seem to be hurting the tree too […]

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Are my black walnuts safe to eat?

Question: I harvested some black walnuts from a tree in my yard. After removing the husks and letting them dry for a couple weeks, I put them in an uncovered plastic box. Now some of the nut shells have white mold on them. Can you advise me if they are safe to eat? Answer: Viña […]

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