Maine Home Garden News


Maine Home Garden News — September 2019

September Is the Month to . . . Hügelkultur: Make Beautiful Soil with Woody Debris! Aphids Daffodil Tribute: United We Bloom App Allows Citizen Scientists to Contribute to Monarch Butterfly Research Growing to Give: A Nonprofit that Grows Organic Veggies to Donate to Local Food Pantries Food & Nutrition: How to Turn Your Harvest into […]

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Maine Home Garden News — August 2019

August Is the Month to . . . How to Divide Perennials in Late Summer and Early Fall The American Pelecinid Wasp False Anemone Climate Impacts on Maine Wild Blueberry Farms The University of Maine 4-H Center at Bryant Pond is Recruiting Volunteer Spotlight: Growing Beauty and History in Somerset County News Release: USDA Declares […]

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Maine Home Garden News — July 2019

July Is the Month to . . . Crop Rotation for Home Gardeners Managing Invasive Plants in Maine Japanese Stewartia: An Ornamental Tree for Every Season Volunteer Spotlight: Growing with Children at Camp Discovery on Webb Pond Food & Nutrition: The Missing Ingredient: Adherence of Food Blog Salsa Recipes to Home Canning Guidelines July Is […]

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Red Admiral butterfly on lilacs

Maine Home Garden News — June 2019

June Is the Month to . . . What Does Organic Gardening Really Mean? Moths: Another Important Backyard Pollinator Sundial Lupine and the Non-native Big-leaved Lupine Climate Impacts on Vegetable Farms: Interview with Lauchlin, Titus, CPAg Rose Chafer Maine Harvest for Hunger: 20 Years and Going Strong! UMaine Extension’s Home and Garden IPM Website Has […]

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Bee on blossoming apple tree

Maine Home Garden News — May 2019

May Is the Month to . . . The Economics of Starting Seeds Indoors May Is Lyme Disease Awareness Month 2019 Spring Plant Sale Fundraisers in Maine: Find One Near You! Cecropia and the Dangers of Introduced Species American Hazelnut: A Low Maintenance Shrub with Big Rewards Passport to Summer Fun Project Food & Nutrition: […]

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Daffodils and tulips at the Maine Garden Show

Maine Home Garden News — April 2019

April Is the Month to . . . Home Grafting Techniques Crazy Worms in Maine Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides) Adopt a Family: A Unique Approach to Matching Small-scale Growers with Young Maine Families Food & Nutrition: Food Safety and Backyard Flock April Is the Month to . . . By Rebecca Long, Agriculture and Food Systems […]

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Perennial sprouting through last season's leaves

Maine Home Garden News — March 2019

March Is the Month to . . . How to Make a Twiggy Trellis Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), Halyomorpha halys Misbranded/Adulterated Pesticide Product Five Award-Winning Tomato Varieties to Consider Auburn Community Garden Initiative: Growing Community as Well as Plants Food & Nutrition: Cooking for Crowds — Food Safety Training for Volunteers March Is the […]

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Maine Home Garden News — October 2018

October Is the Month to . . . Avoid Ticks While Enjoying Your Garden Lindera benzoin: A Rare but Useful Shrub Blaine House Gardens Mainers Urged to Sign Up for Free Disposal of Unusable Pesticides Food & Nutrition: Relish Please, let us know about the difference we have made in your gardening endeavors! We hope […]

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Monarch butterfly

Maine Home Garden News — September 2018

September Is the Month to . . . Establishing a Wildflower Garden from Seed Goldenrods and Asters: Ecologically Functional Perrenials for your Autumn Garden Slow Growth Approach and Dedicated Volunteers Produce Big Results at Manchester Elementary School Long Thought to Be Extirpated Unicorn Root Found Food & Nutrition: Specialty Ingredients Used in Preserving Pickles September […]

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bee on butterfly weed

Maine Home Garden News — August 2018

August Is the Month to . . . Now Is a Great Time to Take Stem Cuttings Anenome ‘Honorine Jobert’ Ecotat Gardens and Arboretum Food & Nutrition: Preserving Tomatillos August Is the Month to . . . By Tori Lee Jackson, Associate Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Androscoggin and […]

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