Maine Home Garden News

Maine Home Garden News — May, 2010

May is the month to . . . Deer in My Garden! How to Rejuvenate Your Old, Overgrown Lilac Earlier and Increased Yields by Using Plastic Mulches and Row Covers May is the month to . . . By Dr. Lois Berg Stack, Extension Specialist, Ornamental Horticulture Check temperatures to determine planting dates. Use a […]

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Maine Home Garden News — April, 2010

April is the month to . . . Preparing to Avoid Late Blight Lily Leaf Beetles: Spring is the best time to manage them! Early Season Vegetables April is the month to . . . Finish pruning apples and other fruit trees. For information on the care of fruit trees plan to purchase Growing Fruit […]

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Maine Home Garden News — March, 2010

March is the month to . . . How to tap sugar maple trees How to prune blueberry bushes How to prune raspberries March Is the Month To . . . By Hannah Todd, Horticulture Aide, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Somerset & Piscataquis Counties, Purchase seeds from a reliable source. Start seedlings according […]

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