COVID-19 MGV Policy

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are encouraging all of our volunteers to stay home and practice social distancing when traveling for essential items as recommended by the CDC . We will not be approving any volunteer hours that require Master Gardener Volunteers to travel or be present on-site of a garden project while in-person activities are suspended.

All in-person Master Gardener Volunteer related activities are suspended until further notice, including (but not limited to) plant sales, meetings, gleanings, demonstration garden maintenance and workdays. Master Gardener Volunteers may only perform volunteer work from their own home or property on projects that have been approved by their MGV Coordinator.

All Master Gardener Volunteer trainees who are currently working towards their certification will receive additional time to complete their initial 40 hours of volunteer service. All currently active Master Gardener Volunteers will not be required to complete their annual 20 hours of volunteer service in order to maintain their certification. However, individuals are encouraged to continue to volunteer on approved projects, as they are able.  Please report those hours in a timely way so we can track our impact within our communities.

Please understand that this was a difficult decision for UMaine Extension’s Home Horticulture team to make, especially knowing how passionate our volunteers are about their projects and serving their communities. We are doing our best to ensure the utmost safety among our volunteers and communities we serve as we continue to assess the situation. If you have any creative ideas for volunteering as a Master Gardener at home, please discuss your ideas with your MGV Coordinator.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your MGV Coordinator. The situation will continually be assessed and updates will be provided to all active Master Gardener Volunteers and partner organizations.

Updated: 4/3/20