Brooklin Community Garden

The Brooklin Community Garden was established in 2020 to provide community members fertile garden plots for their own use and for growing produce for the Healthy Peninsula’s Magic Food Bus (MFB).  In 2021, the garden was folded into the new Brooklin Food Corps which now funds the garden.  Five small plots are set aside for teaching community workshops and Brooklin School student workshops. These plots are where MGVs will compare growing techniques, experiment with companion planting and test different seed varieties.  All of the summer harvest from these “teaching plots” goes to the MFB, fulfilling our Harvest for Hunger mission.

Master gardener volunteers will meet on Thursday mornings from spring into fall for hands-on learning and vegetable production.  In the spring we propagate vegetable plants from seed, prepare the soil, and host student lessons on planting seeds and transplants. In the summer we maintain the teaching plots, provide advice to community gardeners when asked, harvest produce for weekly deliveries to the MFB, and doing succession planting. Come fall, interested MGVs may continue to participate in student harvest days, putting the community garden to bed, and dreaming up plans for the next growing season.

In 2022, expect to compare Asian v. Italian eggplants, compare treated v. untreated sweet corn, modify soil PH for asparagus production, grow four varieties of leeks for extended harvest, and so much more!  MGVs are asked to participate on a weekly, or every other week basis depending on their availability, on Thursdays from 9am-noon starting April 7.  The ideal number of MGVs is 2 in addition to me each week.