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Spotted Wing Drosophila Update: October 5, 2015

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David Handley, Vegetable and Small Fruit Specialist; James Dill, Pest Management Specialist; Frank Drummond, Professor of Insect Ecology/Entomology

Female Spotted Wing Drosophila

Female Spotted Wing Drosophila, photo by Christina Hillier

Spotted wing drosophila populations continue to hold at high enough levels to be of concern in any fields still harvesting fruit. While some sites have seen an increase in numbers, we have not yet seen a significant late season spike in fly counts that we have experienced in previous years with this new pest. This could still happen as we get more moisture and weather coming up from the south. Counts in all fields are high enough to cause significant infestations in ripening fruit, so management of spotted wing drosophila should continue in all fields still being harvested. A five to seven day spray schedule of an appropriate insecticide should provide adequate control of the flies, until and unless we see populations rise. (See the New England Small Fruit Management Guide for more information and details.) We have been finding larvae in waste fruit on the ground at some sites. Cleaning up any waste fruit can help reduce populations in a field, and regular harvesting of all ripe fruit can also help slow the build up of this pest.

Town Spotted Wing Drosophila weekly trap catch 9/11/15 Spotted Wing Drosophila weekly trap catch 9/22/15 Spotted Wing Drosophila weekly trap catch 10/2/15
Limington 89 65 354
Limerick 217 160 254
Wells 69 63 71
Cape Elizabeth 1042  175
Bowdoinham 131 151 129
Dresden* 96 306 945
Freeport  359
Buxton 728 36 462
Livermore Falls 51 77 16
Mechanic Falls 55 13 140
Poland Spring 580 62
Monmouth* 1217 338 403
Wales 221 266 143

*Not sprayed

SWD Maggot in Raspberry

SWD Maggot in Raspberry, photo by David Handley

David T. Handley
Vegetable and Small Fruit Specialist

Highmoor Farm                       Pest Management Office
P.O. Box 179                             491 College Avenue
Monmouth, ME 04259          Orono, ME 04473
207.933.2100                           1.800.287.0279

For more information on identifying spotted wing drosophila (SWD) and updates on populations around the state, visit our SWD blog.

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