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Spotted Wing Drosophila Alert: September 1, 2017

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Male Spotted Wing Drosophila

Male Spotted Wing Drosophila, photo by Griffin Dill. Actual size: 2-3 mm.

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David Handley, Vegetable and Small Fruit Specialist; James Dill, Pest Management Specialist; Frank Drummond, Professor of Insect Ecology/Entomology

Our trap captures for spotted wing drosophila continued to increase this week at nearly all locations. (See table below.) Growers with any susceptible ripening fruit will need to continue protecting against fly egg-laying and larval infestation. Only regular, consistent spray coverage will prevent fruit infestation. We recommend a minimum spray interval of 5 to 7 days.

While cooler evening temperatures slow fruit development, we have seen little impact on spotted wing drosophila activity, thus we expect populations to continue rising, until they are exposed to several hard frosts. Keep harvesting ripe fruit regularly and remove all rotten or cull fruit from the field.

Spotted Wing Drosophila Larva in Blackberry

SWD Larvae in Blackberry, photo by David Handley

For more information on identifying spotted wing drosophila and updates on populations around the state, visit our SWD blog.

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Town Spotted Wing  Drosophila weekly trap catch 8/16/17 Spotted Wing  Drosophila weekly trap catch 8/23/17 Spotted Wing  Drosophila weekly trap catch 8/31/17
Wells 41 387 1256
Sanford 115 93 143
Limington 517 842 428
Limerick 159 217 237
Cape Elizabeth 830 4320
New Gloucester 554 603
Bowdoinham 402 925 1448
Dresden 130 104 103
Freeport 50 40 56
Poland Spring 96 304 597
Mechanic Falls 24 16 65
Monmouth 57 415 681
Wales 1816 (2 weeks) 642
Farmington 1048 (2 weeks)



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